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The Hardy Boys Pull a Rabbit Out of Their Hat

Jay and Vernon back away from the boys and end up on either side of Charlie, until Dean waves them both off with the business end of his trusty pearl-handled automatic. "Immortality," Dean muses, advancing upon the unnaturally young douchebag remaining. "That's a neat trick." "It's not a trick," Charlie shrugs, and immediately, a noose shoots down from above to wrap itself around Dean's neck and yank. "It's magic!" Charlie smiles as Dean gets hoisted in the air. "VIOLENCE!" Dean's hands fly to his throat, struggling to tug the noose away from his neck and keep his airway open, as Sam immediately raises his gun to blast a round into Charlie's face. Charlie simply catches the bullet in his teeth and tosses off a smart remark before vanishing into thin air, reappearing at The Table Of Death's side. Stupid Sam allows himself to be goaded into physically attacking Charlie at this point, and it's naturally A Very Bad Thing because not only does Stupid Sam still suh-huuuuuck at the hand-to-hand, but Charlie also takes this opportunity to knock Sam flat on his back and strap Our Intrepid Idiot into the Table's restraints. D'OH! Of course, the rope suspending the swords immediately starts fraying apart, and so now both Sam and Dean are about to be sacrificed to whomever to secure eternal youth for Jay and Vernon -- neither of whom, by the way, agreed to it in the first place. And in the end, it falls upon Jay to stop it all, which he does by...shoving a knife into his own stomach? "VIOLENCE! WANTON ACTS OF UNREPENTANT SELF-INFLICTED VIOLENCE AND GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!" Oh, be quiet you dizzy lizard. What's actually happening, I believe -- and only after several lovely and talented individuals explained it to me on the boards -- is that Jay, still under the influence of Charlie's earlier death transference spell for whatever reason, has successfully sent the wound in his own stomach over to Charlie by surreptitiously swiping all but one of the remaining tarot cards from Charlie's jacket, and for whatever reason, this overrides Charlie's immortality. Just go with it, 'cause it's the best explanation you're likely to get as far as this nonsense goes. Charlie lives long enough to draw that remaining tarot from his pocket -- it's The Magician, of course, though how in hell Jay knew which one to leave in Charlie's possession, I'll never know -- and, after shooting an accusatory "You picked these strangers over me?" at his erstwhile BFF, Charlie clonks over to the stage floor, dead.

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