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The Hardy Boys Pull a Rabbit Out of Their Hat

Naturally, as soon as Charlie hits the boards, both boys are freed, and Sam escapes The Table seconds before the swords slam down just as Dean drops from the flies to rip the noose from his neck. Gasping at each other, they assure themselves that they are, in fact, okay, before focusing their collective attention on Jay, whose destroyed expression sags all the way off his elderly face and into the final METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Shabby motel bar, aftermath. Sam and Dean wander in from the street to find Jay -- his arthritic hands once more deceiving him -- fumbling through a deck shuffle before the beaten old man gives up. "Hey, Jay?" Dean hesitantly begins. Once Jay's finally lifted his eyes to theirs, Dean continues, "We wanted to thank you for what you did yesterday." "I killed my best friend yesterday, and you want to thank me?" Jay bleats. That shuts them up, as well it should, until Sam awkwardly inquires as to Vernon's current whereabouts. Turns out Vernon's abandoned Jay as well, as Vernon could no longer bear the sight of the decrepit loser who supernaturally stuck their mutual acquaintance like a pig. Dean attempts a pep talk, but it does little good. "Charlie was like my brother," Jay seethes through a haze of booze and pain, "and now he's dead because I did 'the right thing.'" "So now I have to spend the rest of my life old and alone, and what's so right about that?" Jay finishes before stumbling out into the darkness, and I'm sure Sam and Dean would be very sad, indeed, had they not been knocked unconscious by the twin anvils that just slammed down onto their heads. Yeesh.

Fortunately for the purposes of this denouement, both recover from their injuries fairly quickly, and Dean ends his evening by suggesting they both indulge in healing amounts of beer. Mmmm. Beer. Sam, however, declines, and, with his voice unexpectedly tight, announces he'd rather head out for a walk. Dean blinks, then goes to hit on the waitress. Atta boy.

Out in the alleyway, Sam strides purposefully towards a waiting Mustang, and it's Ruby's, and no sooner has Sam slid into the passenger seat than he announces, "Okay, I'm in." "What changed your mind?" Ruby wonders, and Sam replies simply, "I don't wanna be doing this when I'm an old man." Ruby seems to find this answer acceptable, and as a mournful oboe accompanies their exit, Ruby steers the car directly into the final blackout. Wow. Even Ruby won't let Sam drive the car.

Well, that was depressing. "Have a cocktail!" Oh, Raoul. I think I shall. While you fix me a tasty flagon of my own, though, I should note that next week's installment apparently drags Our Intrepid Heroes back to a high school they no doubt sporadically attended during their shared adolescence, and as the preview featured Dean dressed like a gym teacher, I'm sure hijinks ensue. So much for that huge, gut-wrenching decision Sam just made. "Worry about it later, you silly little man. Cocktails!" Thanks, friend of friends. "Kisses, my pretties! Kisses until next week!"

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