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The Hardy Boys Pull a Rabbit Out of Their Hat

...skittered on over to Dead Vance's hotel room, where his assistant busily slings props into a case while the LYING LIARS WHO LIE -- posing as FBI agents again, judging from their suits -- pepper her with questions regarding her late boss's untimely demise. Turns out Dead Vance was quite the kleptomaniac as far as his fellow douchebags' routines were concerned, appropriating anything and everything he could use to improve his own act, and for this unfortunate habit, he was not well liked in the douchebag community. There's a cute moment wherein the assistant basically pulls a rabbit out of a hat, much to Dean's surprise, before Dean pulls it together to ask if she's noticed anything unusual about Dead Vance's stuff. And wouldn't you know it? She has. Deep within a hidden pocket of the cape Dead Vance was wearing the last time she saw him, the assistant found a Ten Of Swords. And why is this so unusual, you ask? "He hated card tricks," she explains for me. "Never wanted them around, much less in his precious cape." Sam and Dean squint at the supposedly incriminating evidence. Um. DUN!? That is so not a DUN! "Not in the least!" Thanks for backing me up, friend of friends. "No problem!"

Meanwhile, over in a different and far cheaper hotel, Charlie arrives in Jay's room to wonder how Jay managed to pull off last night's illusion. He doesn't get a straight answer, but it's clear from Jay's demeanor that whatever had been troubling him the night before is gone, and on top of that, Jay's now able to pull three aces from the center of a deck, which he'd never been able to manage his entire life, so basically, we're meant to believe Barry Bostwick is the villain of tonight's piece, and that's pretty much all you need to know about that. Well, that, and the fact that Jay intends to top last night's triumph by successfully performing "The Executioner," which, as feats of prestidigitation go, has always been so dangerous that not even Houdini would attempt it. When Charlie again expresses his reservations, Jay -- a little too overeager for one last run in the limelight -- pleads, "Let's not end up like this, Charlie -- a couple of old farts doing birthdays and bar mitzvahs!" "Beats dying," Charlie counters, with a sad little shake of his head. "I would do anything for you," Charlie insists, "but I will not watch you die -- I'll miss that show." Jay calls him on this, because Charlie's always, always been there for him in the past, or something, and after another little card trick that supposedly proves Jay's really back on his game -- this involving Jay somehow slyly sneaking the deck's fourth ace into Charlie's pocket -- Charlie agrees to assist with that evening's performance. Things aren't looking too good for Charlie, right? "Right!" Wrong! "Oh, rats! What did I miss?!" Nothing, actually, because this entire scene's been nothing but an exercise in misdirection, but I'll be sure to let you know when it all actually matters, okay? "Okay!"

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