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The Hardy Boys Go Viral

Clinic. Aftermath. Again. Some more. And we've now reached the point of the episode whereupon, on first airing, The Angst nearly threw me into a coma of boredom. If I'm interpreting all of the incessant shouting correctly, Dean's revealed himself to be a big, fat hypocritical LYING LIAR WHO LIES, for while he was more than happy to gun down Papa Tanner, The Toothy Fey Jake Boy, The Widow Tanner, and Nurse Pam after they'd proven themselves to be infected -- indeed, even going to far as to chew Sam a new one for wavering at a crucial moment and allowing The Toothy Fey Jake Boy to escape -- and while he was also more than willing to aerate Duane before they had even received confirmation the latter had actually been exposed in the first place, he is, of course, now entirely opposed to offing the impending zombie when said impending zombie is his own brother. I'm sure I'd care very deeply about this were there even the slightest chance that darling Sammy might not survive, but please. Jared Padalecki's not going anywhere anytime soon, so yaaaaawn. Long story short, El Deano tosses the Impala's keys at Mark with instructions for the other three present to hop into the car with the explosives at hand and get the hell out of town, pronto. For his part, Dean intends to remain with Sam until the bitter, bitter end. Mark, Duane, Doctor Lee, and Sammy himself attempt to talk Dean out of his obviously suicidal decision, but all of their protestations fall on deaf ears -- like, go figure with the determined would-be suicide here after the way he's been acting all season, but then again, Jensen Ackles isn't going anywhere anytime soon, either, so whatever. The others eventually offer Our Intrepid Heroes their thanks and exit, and while the tear-filled scene that follows is touchingly acted by both of the gentlemen involved, because the stakes are so impossibly low -- if not outright nonexistent -- I can't be bothered to engage myself much with their chatter. For all of those reasons, long story short: Dean admits he's really, really tired of it all, Sam attempts a "Buck Up, Little Camper" speech he can't manage to deliver through the snot dripping from his nose, and everything they've just said to each other is rendered moot when Doctor Lee returns from the world outside to rap urgently on the examination room's door. "You better come see this," she breathlessly heaves once Dean's responded to her knock.

The boys emerge onto the misty nighttime streets of River Grove to find, in Doctor Lee's words, "no one, not anywhere -- they've all just...vanished." Dean glances around and eventually lands his eyes on the "CROATOAN" carved into the telephone pole.

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