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The Hardy Boys Go Viral

Metallicar spins around the main drag's corner to wheel into the same parking spot it had earlier occupied outside the medical clinic. Wedged into the front seat between the ginormotron and his somewhat smaller brother is Mama Tanner, whom Sam escorts into the clinic while Dean grimly opens the Impala's trunk. Once indoors, Sam calls out for help and is answered by the bleach-blonde nurse from the pre-credits sequence, who quickly summons "Doctor Lee" to Mama Tanner's aid. Doctor Lee takes one look at Mama Tanner's mewling face and orders, "Bring her in." Sam vanishes further into the clinic just as Dean barrels through the front door with Papa Tanner's tiny corpse slung across his relatively narrow shoulders. "I'd suggest you postulate," Raoul too-innocently opens, batting his lashes in my direction, "that the unusually small stature of the actor portraying Papa Tanner worked directly in his employment favor specifically to make this particular sequence believable, but I wouldn't want the rabid Jensen Ackles fangirls to rip you to shreds with their bare hands, now would I?" Raoul's a bitch. In any event, after Dean answers a few questions from the increasingly perplexed yet oddly calm Doctor Lee regarding the late Papa Tanner, she allows Dean into the clinic's innards, where he might relieve himself of his tiny corpse in one of the examination rooms.

A short time later, Doctor Lee attends to Mama Tanner in the other examination room. "You said Jake helped him?" Doctor Lee puzzles. "Your son Jake?" Mama Tanner's all, "Do I stutter, you frizzy-haired bimbo?" only she's much more shell-shocked and mournful about the whole thing. "I don't believe it!" Nurse Pam interjects. After shushing her rude assistant, Doctor Lee returns her attention to "Beverly" and wonders if either of the Tanner men had any sort of history of chemical dependency or, I don't know, batshit insanity that might explain their behavior this afternoon. Meanwhile, the camera's panned around all of the women to reveal Sam and Dean lingering in the doorway to oversee the interview. "I don't know why," Beverly moans. "One minute, they were my husband and my son, and the next? They had the devil in them." The four furrowing eyebrows on Our Intrepid Heroes' foreheads transmit the DUN! for me. "We gotta talk," Dean mutters. The boys scurry outside as Beverly Tanner dissolves into sobs.

Out in the reception area, Sam and Dean bang their heads together to decide rather quickly that they're facing "multiple demons" intent on a "mass possession." Problem is, none of the usual demonic accessories like streaming gouts of bitterly black miasma accompanied their encounter with Dead Papa Tanner, so they're at a loss as to how to proceed. Dean takes a moment to bust Sammy's chops about letting Toothy Jake escape, but before it can all blow up into yet another annoying bout of rampant internecine douchebaggery, Doctor Lee strides out of the examination room to demand to know precisely what the hell happened up on Aspen Lane. "You just killed my next-door neighbor!" she cries. "We didn't have a choice," Dean insists. "Well, maybe so," Doctor Lee allows, still mightily pissed and more than a little freaked out, "but we need the county sheriff, I need the coroner...." "The phones are down," Sammy interrupts. "I know, I tried," the good doctor efficiently replies before frowning at El Deano, "Tell me you got a police radio in the car?" "It crapped out just like everything else," Sam LIES. Thanks to the good doctor, though, Dean learns the nearest town is about forty miles away, so he volunteers himself to head off in search of assistance while Sam remains at the clinic. "He'll keep you guys safe," Dean assures her, clapping Sam on the shoulder. "Safe?" Doctor Lee eyebrows. "From what?" Dean takes a moment for A Pause Fraught With Significance before responding, "We'll get back to you on that one." Doctor Lee cranes her head all the way back to gaze up at The Super-Special Puppy-Dog Eyes plastered across her fifteen-foot-tall supposed savior's face.

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