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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Meanwhile, the boys walk up to Andrea's house just as Lucas flings open the front door, eyes wide and hyperventilating. They all charge upstairs. Water spills out from under the locked bathroom door. Dean tosses Lucas to Sam while he does what he does best: kicks in some mothereffing doors. Sam charges through into the bathroom, reaches into the water, and with some artery-popping efforts and crown-necessitating grinding of teeth, pulls the boobs -- whoops, I mean, the mom out of the tub. Metal Teeth Chomp.

In the morning, Sam sits with Andrea and asks her to tell him what happened. She says she's going crazy. Meanwhile, Dean is in a pitch-black room rifling through notebooks. Andrea reluctantly confesses that she heard a voice that said, "Come play with me." Dean finds a scrapbook labeled "Jake, 12 years old." We cut to the scrapbook splayed open to a page with a Boy Scout troop photo. Dean asks if she recognizes any of the kids. She's confused, but picks out her father. Oh, don't tell me that the only decent father figure in this whole series is some Lake Killer Wacko. Dean realizes that the connection between the drownings wasn't Carlton, it was Rangerpoliceman. Sam deepens the gayness of the connection by remarking, "Bill and Carl. They were both involved with Peter." Andrea is like "say what?" as the boys do their rapid-fire postulating. Dean notices Lucas standing at the doorway, about to go out.

Lucas opens the door and leaves, the three adults trailing behind him. He's dressed in massively oversized sweats. He stops on a little patch of spongy moss and looks up at Dean. This kid is like Lassie or something. Dean sends him and Andrea back to the house, and the brothers start digging. Okay. They immediately get to a "thud" about six inches down. Convenient. They dig up Peter's bike, but before they can even put it down, Rangerpoliceman shows up, gun cocked, asking, "Who are you?" Sam tells him to put the gun down. He demands to know how they knew the bike was there, and Dean takes this opportunity to teach the man a lesson in extended metaphors: "You and Bill killed Peter and buried his bike? You can't bury the truth. Nothin' stays buried."

Andrea watches this exchange from the window of her home. She sends Lucas upstairs and tells him to stay there, door locked.

Cut back out to Dean's Deep Thoughts While Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun. Andrea runs up to the men and then pauses to let them continue their discussion. The discussion with gun, that is. Sam tells Rangerpoliceman that Peter's spirit is pissed and that it is going to take Andrea and Lucas and then come after him. Then it'll take their bodies "God knows where" so that they all feel like Peter's mom did. Rangerpoliceman is like, "You bitches be crazy," but Dean and Sam don't really care. It's Dean's turn to be stern now as he tells it to Rangerpoliceman straight: "We need to find the remains, salt them and burn them. Now tell me you buried him somewhere. Tell me you didn't just let him go in the lake."

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