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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Lucas is watching all this, crouched behind a fence, when he hears a voice whisper, "Come play with me." He heads off toward the voice.

Andrea demands her father tell her the truth. He take the deep breath of the I Acted Sternly and Now I Must Die Because Hollywood Is a Liberal Bastion of Touchy-Feely New-Age Types and doesn't say anything. Andrea realizes her father really did kill Peter all those years ago. Now he confesses: they were at the lake, they always bullied Peter, this time it got rough, they held his head under the water and he died. But they didn't mean it! They let go of the body and it sank. Sam has tears in his eyes. Rangerpoliceman begs his daughter to listen to reason: "To say I have anything to do with these drownings, because of some ghost? It's not rational." With no remains to burn, Dean realizes they just have to get away from the lake. What better time, of course, to notice that Lucas is hanging around the lake's edge.

Lucas, on the dock in front of the Carlton's house -- is that where they were? I thought they were at Andrea's house (please note how politely... er, passive-aggressively I just pointed out that the location is whack) -- leans toward the water as the voice whispers to him. He's reaching for some little green thing, which I don't quite get. The Foolsome Foursome rush toward the lake just as a sooty-dark child's arm reaches up and drags Lucas into the water, while metal clashes clash -- as they do quite often on the soundtrack.

Dean and Sam steam onto the dock while Rangerpoliceman gets stopped in his tracks by the appearance of the half-submerged dead face of the sooty-blue Peter, who is staring at him. He mouth-breathes a whole bunch. If only I had noticed his mouth-breathing earlier, I wouldn't have been taken in by his fatherly shtick! Dean and then Sam dive without hesitation straight into the water. And now I must dive without hesitation straight into a cold shower because damn, that was hot. Andrea makes like she's going to jump in, too, but we all know boobs can't save a child, so Sam tells her to stay on the dock. Meanwhile Rangerpoliceman wades into the water pleading to Peter, apologizing, asking him to take him instead. Andrea yells for her father, but we cut to a luminously disgusting child swimming up from the pitch depths of the lake toward her father and we know that's about it for him. He gets pulled under and we watch him go stunned and quietly into the dark deep.

Andrea, who is having one hell of a traumatic moment here, with her son underwater and probably dead and her father most definitely just drowned dead, sort of paces and furrows on the dock. Sam treads water, ducks his head under, comes back up, and shakes his head at her. The sound goes out, and Andrea goes into slow motion, and I have to confess right now that if ever you want me to be moved by ANYTHING, all you have to do is cut the sound, put the scene in slow motion, and overlay it all with an affecting tonal score and I am putty in your hands. So Andrea is screaming "Noooo!" we can tell from the motion of her mouth and her hair is flowing in a beautifully tragic way and we cut to the still water where we imagine her son floats all dead and potentially lost when just then! Dean! emerges! out! of! the! water! gasping! for! breath! and! grasping! Lucas! Now THAT moment deserved all those exclamation points and more. We cut back to Andrea, whose silent "Nooooo!" has turned into more of a silent "Whhaaaattt thhheeee fuuuuckkkk?" and she could be yelling, "My feet are stinky!" but keep doing it in slow motion without sound and I am so there. The violins continue swelling as Dean floats heroically. Commercial.

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