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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Dean offhandedly mentions that the family had a funeral despite not having found the body, for "closure." Sam quickly pulls his hammer and nails out of his tool (ha!) belt, hastily constructs a soapbox, and steps upon it: "Closure? People don't just disappear, Dean. Other people just stop looking for them." Dean is like, "Dude, quit it with the stupid hastily-constructed soapboxes." Dean asks Sam what he really wants to say. Sam replies with some crap about how their father's trail is getting cold. Dean takes offense at Sam's implication that Dean doesn't care about finding their dad, and reminds the young upstart that he was "with him every day for the last two years while you were off at your pep rallies." Pep rallies? With who, George McFly? Also, I find it difficult to recap this angst about finding their father, having seen later in the season what a waste of space their dad really is. Dean tells Sam that they will find their dad, but that "until then we're going to kill everything bad between here and there." This scene has been cutting between extreme close-ups of the boys' faces. Sam gives Dean the most Bad Teen "what-EVER" look as he gets off his imaginary soapbox. The Blue Tit walks by again, and Dean's eyes follow her. Sam is like, so Dean? Lake Manitoc?

Ratt! The Metallicar! Did I mention Ratt?! They chug up to the idyllic cabin from the opening scene. The thick-necked malook brother answers the door and Dean lies while flashing a badge that they are with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. In search of more Blue Tits, I'm sure. Cut out back to where Sophie the Whore's dad sits on a rustic wooden bench looking out over the lake. The Malook stands with Sam and Dean out back of the house and tells them that he is sure that his sister the whore was dragged under, since she was a varsity swimmer and "as safe out there as in her own bathtub." Sam starts checking off his list of immediately creepy things to ask: "Did you see any shadows? Some dark shape breach the surface?" The Malook wants to know what they think is out there. Sam asks if they can talk to his father, but The Malook says he's been through too much and didn't see anything anyhow. Odd camera angle with Sam in the extreme foreground nodding, "We understand." The angle insinuates that the father is involved somehow. But we don't believe that, now, do we, JonBenet?

In some sort of ranger cabin or woodsy police station, the boys talk to a friendly old man who wants to know why Fish and Wildlife are interested in the drowning. Blue Tits, I told you! They tell the rangerpoliceman that Sophie the Whore's brother saw something drag her down. He replies that there aren't any "indigenous carnivores" in the lake. Last episode we had DANGEROUS!BACKCOUNTRY! This eppy we get INDIGENOUS!CARNIVORES! The Rangerpoliceman thinks The Malook is just traumatized, and reminds Sam and Dean that they dragged the lake and found nothing. Dean leans in closer and does some reminding of his own: "That's the third person this year." Rangerpoliceman sighs, "Well, it won't be a problem much longer." Dean and Sam are immediately little mice in a maze. Rangerpoliceman drops a few crumbs for them to follow: "Well, the dam, of course." Dean starts following the trail while Sam chews on his tail: "Of course, the's...sprung a leak." Nice work, little mousie. Come here and get in my pocket. Rangerpoliceman clarifies, telling us that the dam is falling apart and they can't get money to fix it, so they're slowly letting the lake drain out through the spillway. He makes a point of saying, "But as federal wildlife, you already knew that." Dean does this dramatic blink/nod move and luckily gets saved by the pecking of a sweet little chickadee.

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