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Acqua di Hardy Boys

A pretty brunette pokes her head in the office. Rangerpoliceman introduces her as his daughter. Dean is first in line to coo at the bird, shaking her hand. She tells him her name is Andrea Barr, and a little red-headed boy appears out from behind her. He looks about seven or eight, I'd guess. I love how Amy Acker is already totally Oldy McOld in Actress Land. She's... thirty. When Rangerpoliceman mentions that Dean and Sam are here about the lake, the little boy, Lucas, leaves the room and Andrea is all traumatized "oh." She follows her son, and Sam asks if Lucas is okay. Rangerpoliceman says they've all been through a lot. So there isn't really much left for the boys to do except go over to Andrea and harass her into walking them two blocks to a cheap motel. She agrees.

Amy Acker and her zero percent body fat (so maternal!) walk the boys the short distance to the motel. On the way, Dean remarks, "Cute kid. Kids are the best." LOVE it. She takes them across one street, gestures toward the motel, and says, "Like I said, two blocks." Sam thanks her, and she turns to Dean: "Must be hard, with your sense of direction. Never being able to find your way to a decent pick-up line." Zoinks! Dean furrows his brow as a wacky guitar lick starts up, but not even bad acoustic pathetic fallacy can take away from how awesome this little scene is. Sam, with an adorably crooked mouth, just says, "'Kids are the best'?" and then reminds his brother that he doesn't even like kids. Dean protests, "I LOVE kids!" and Sam retorts, "Name three kids that you even know," before turning toward the motel and leaving Dean to try to puzzle that one out.

Inside the motel, Sam works on their little Goth girl laptop while Dean unpacks. Sam finds that over the previous 35 years, six people have drowned in the lake, and posits that whatever is in the lake is just now hungrier than ever. Sam says he isn't convinced by the whole "lake monster" theory, because in most cases of lake monster-itis, there are plenty of eyewitnesses. Dean looks over his shoulder as he clicks through newspaper articles online. The name "Christopher Barr" jumps out at Dean and they look more closely at the article, finding that he was Andrea's husband and Lucas's father, and drowned in May, which isn't too long ago, but long enough for his widow to enjoy spiriting around with inept suitors. Sam continues to read the article; Lucas was on a floating dock on the lake when his father got pulled under. They enlarge the newspaper photograph of a wet little Lucas wrapped in a blanket after his eventual rescue. Sam realizes they might have an eyewitness. Dean looks pained. "No wonder the kid was so freaked out. Watching one of your parents die isn't something you just get over."

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