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Acqua di Hardy Boys

At a playground. The boys accost Andrea and ask if they can join her. Sam sits down with her while Dean goes to say hi to Lucas on the playground. Andrea tells Sam to tell Dean "that this whole Jerry Maguire thing is not going to work on me." Sam tells her that he doesn't think that's what it's about. Which, when you think about it, is a sort of ouch thing to say. She's all, "I know he wants me I'm so hot" and Sam comes in with a "Hey, lady, didn't your husband and father of your child just die with no explanation? Yeah, we're here to figure it out what happened."

Dean kneels down with Lucas, who's doing some coloring on a bench. Dean picks up some tiny plastic army guys and tries to make conversation with "I used to love these things" before reverting -- like it is written in the ancient texts that all men must -- to making a bunch of plllssshhheehh explosion noises with his mouth and sending the plastic army man fly through the air going, "Aiiiyyyyyggg!" I think the relevant text for this is actually the Genesis Apocryphon, which declares, "And verily I say that those with testes shall make upon their lips the sounds of destruction when having come upon tiny green men of plastic. And verily those sounds shall be followed by the sounds of death as it has been written that death shall sound, as with one upon whose foot a thousand oxen have trampled, or as so: 'Aiiiyyyyyggg!'"

These man sound effects don't really get through to Lucas, though; he keeps coloring and ignoring Dean. Dean keeps trying, though: "Crayons are more your thing. That's cool. Chicks dig artists." He flips through some of the drawings he's already completed, the top one of which is a vortex done in the black pastels of childhood insanity. Dean picks up a crayon and sits down to do some drawing himself. He keeps talking to Lucas, telling the boy that he knows he probably just doesn't want to talk. "I don't know exactly what happened to your dad, but I know it was something real bad." Pianos of Trying to Make the Lonely Women Cry start plinking as Dean confesses that when he was his age he saw something pretty bad, too. Dean sort of chokes up before telling Lucas that he promises to believe whatever he says. Lucas is still totally clammed up, so Dean suggests that maybe he draw him a picture about what happened on the lake that day. Still no response. So Dean shows him a picture he just drew of four stick figures, explaining that it is his family: "My dad, my [emotional pause] mom, my geek brother, and me." When Lucas still doesn't respond, Dean gives up and tells the kid he'll see him around. As Dean walks away, Lucas picks up the stick-figure drawing and looks at it intently.

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