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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Dean returns to Sam and Andrea who are talking. Andrea tells Sam that Lucas hasn't said a word about anything, even to her. The three make small trauma talk together, commiserating over how hard the situation is. Andrea says they've moved in with her father, but that she gets upset every time she thinks of what Lucas had to see. Dean and Sam give one another pointed looks, and Dean tells Andrea that she'd be surprised what kids can deal with. Andrea says Lucas "used to have such life," but now he just sits and draws. Just then Lucas walks up and hands Dean a drawing. It's of a cozy-looking cabin with a red roof.

Back in Sophie the Whore's cozy-looking cabin with a red roof, her father sits in the dark in front of a flickering TV, looking pretty catatonic. The Malook pokes his head in the room and suggests his father eat something. No response. The father turns his head to the side and keeps mouth-breathing. If ever there were a sign of guilt, it is mouth-breathing.

In the kitchen, The Malook saws a fish head off a fish next to a running faucet. The water starts gurgling and then starts running brown. The Malook is confused, as malooks get. He turns the water off, but then it starts bubbling up all black and nasty from the drain in the old cast-iron sink. It fills nearly to the top and stops. Eeep! The Malook pushes up his sleeve and plunges his bare arm into the full sink. Eeeeeeeeep! He pulls up the stopper, but the sink doesn't start to drain. He sort of cocks his head in frustration and anticipation and plunges his arm back in. Omigod omigod omigod STOP IT!!! He doesn't hear my warning cries, though, because as he fishes around in the murky water some more, something grabs hold of his arm and pulls his whole torso into the sink. He kicks and struggles and kicks and struggles until he just quietly sinks into the water. The water drains away, leaving him dead in the sink. Metal Teeth Chomp, which is good because I need a minute to get up and shiver and shimmy and just generally freak out.

In the motel, Sam comes in, his lake-monster-incredulity vindicated, because, as he tells Dean, he just drove by the The Malook's house and found out that he died. By drowning. In the sink. Dean is all "the hell?" before launching into some "brain"-storming about what it could be if it isn't a lake monster. He proposes "water wraith maybe? Some kind of demon?" The brothers realize aloud that whatever it is, it's controlling the lake water, and have a patently-belated "aha" moment, putting together the facts that the lake is being drained while the lake-related drownings are increasing. They realize that if the mean water thingamajig can get through the pipes to kill, it can get to anyone, so they've got to work fast. Dean quickly gets to work putting his shoes on, Mr. Rogers-style. All the deaths are connected to Bill Carlton, crotchety old dad of Sophie the Whore and The Malook. They decide to go pay him a visit.

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