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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Dean continues to be nonsensically cranky, saying they'll never find the house, as there's probably a thousand yellow houses in the area. Sam "Stephen Hawking" Winchester suggests that they look for the church featured in the drawing as well. Dean joke-smarms that "college boy thinks he's sooo smart," and the boys fall into a companionable brief silence. Sam's smile fades, and he glances nervously at Dean before trying to tell his older brother that he appreciated hearing him talk about their mother to Lucas. Dean shrugs the comment off, but Sam continues to gaze at his brother like he's an extra-large ramekin of créme brulée until Dean shuts him up with his moldy Men are From Mars shtick: "Oh God, we're not gonna have to hug or anything, are we?"

The boys walk up to the church Lucas has drawn and look to their right to find the yellow house. We get a shot of the drawing, which also depicts a little boy and red bicycle out front of the house. The boys cross the street, and we cut inside the yellow house, where they ask an old lady if a little boy lives there. She shakes-her-head-by-numbers and tells them that "Peter has been gone for 35 years." Pan across the room to find framed school photos of a young teenager in a '70s turtleneck. The old lady says Peter "just disappeared" and then adds, in an unnecessary echo, that "losing's like dying." As she tells him he just never came home one day, we get a shot of another photo, this time Peter and a friend, arms slung around one another, and unless we're catatonic from just having watched the Tonys (Chita, seriously, get off my back), we know that the friend is Bill "Mouth-Breathing Through the Grieving Process" Carlton.

However, though we know this information, some guy HAS, after all, been hired to plink the piano during this scene, and he is NOT done plinking, so Dean slowly walks into the frame, slowly picks the photo up, slowly turns it over and reads off the names: "Peter Sweeney and Billy Carlton, 1970." So now we extra-double-super-sure know. Are you satisfied now, Plinky?!?!

Back at the lake, PLINKY IS NOT IN FACT SATISFIED, as he continues to plink while Carlton talks to the lake: "You've taken everything. Everyone. I've got nothing left. I didn't understand. I didn't believe," before concluding, "I think I finally know what you want."

The boys zoom in the Metallicar, thinking aloud what connection Carlton has to all this. They think that he perhaps killed Peter Sweeney and so Peter's spirit has been taking revenge on Carlton. We know, though, because we're at minute 31, that it could not possibly be so simple as that. We know that something more dramastic certainly is going on, and though we may not know it, we feel that it may just involve Patty LuPone and some spangly leotards.

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