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Acqua di Hardy Boys

Well, now, not totally sure where that anger came from, but I'm gonna go with it and maybe try to go scrub my floors right now.

Aaaand, I'm back, floors squeaky-clean thanks to my repressed rage. In a dark bedroom, Lucas sits on the floor and practices his black-vortex art, a style he learned about from his friend Aidan from The Ring. A shadow briefly darkens the door to his room (intentional visual echo? If so, artful!), but it's just his mother asking why he's still awake. She puts him back in bed.

Dean idles the Metallicar at a green light. Sam prompts him to go, and Dean determinedly turns right. Sam: "Ah, interstate's the other way?" and Dean says he knows. Looks like they're not going anywhere fast.

Oh, great. Andrea has decided to take a bath by placing the stopper in the tub veeerrrrry slowly and then turning the water on. Come on, lady!

Back in the Metallicar, Sam suggests to Dean that the case is probably over. He says that if what they think was happening did come to pass -- Peter getting his ultimate revenge on Carlton -- then case closed. Dean isn't so sure, however, and asks Sam what if "this thing isn't done?" Honorable intention, though probably he's just being petulant because someone yelled at him but good. Dean comes clean and tells Sam that the reason he's still anxious over the case is because Lucas was so scared in the police station. Sam marvels, "Who are you and what have you done with my brother?" Dean turns to him and sighs, "Shut up." So now Dean can count one kid on his list of kids he knows. Luckily, by the end of the season he'll be able add a few more kids he's taken an unnaturally keen interest in.

Back in the House of Didn't You Watch that Michelle Pfeiffer Movie, You Know the One Where Amber Valletta Attempted A Slash-ectomy on Her Model-Slash-Actress Career, Andrea drags her hand through the EVIL WATER. She continues to insist on taking a bath in the pitch dark. She leans back in the tub and starts to relax, propping her feet up under the old-timey faucet. She closes her eyes and so gets to miss the exact moment when the water begins to run brown. Open your eyes! Open your eyes! But no, instead she caresses her face and neck and décolletage with a washcloth. She finally looks about her and notices somehow, even in the pitch black, that the water is brownish. She starts screaming and trying to leap out of the bathroom, and her instantaneous reaction is a bit unbelievable, like if you weren't expecting that some evil force was trying to KILL you through brown water, you'd probably be like "Ew!" and sort of hop out rather than immediately and animalistically clawing your way out of a claw-foot tub. On the other hand, if you were expecting that some evil force was trying to kill you through brown water, then...WHY THE EFF WERE YOU IN THE TUB IN THE FIRST PLACE? So Amy Acker thrashes about just enough to provide the suggestion of imperiled boobs. Lucas bangs on the locked door from outside while his mother continues getting water-boarded. She finally goes all the way under and the water takes on a frothy, gunky appearance.

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