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The Hardy Boys Meet The Lost Boys

A majestic mountain looms behind as the Metallicar drives down the roads. They must be in Missouri again. Heh.

Sam and Dean break into Elkins's cabin on a snowy night. The house is a wreck. Sam notices salt by the door; Dean wonders if it is "protection against demons salt or 'oops, I spilled the popcorn' salt." Ugh. Dude's getting some paint-by-number "clever" lines this episode. Sam tells him that the salt is "clearly a ring." Dean has found Elkins's Diary of Bachelors Who Need to Get Laid, and Sam peers over his shoulder, remarking that it looks like their father's. Dean notices that Elkins's dates back to the 1960s. Cut to a shot of a man from behind, lurking outside the house. Wonder who that could be? Back inside, the boys walk into the room where Elkins was killed and observe that it looks like he put up a hell of a fight. Which is odd, because WE SAW IT HAPPEN and he didn't. Obviously, these vamps are just messy, messy eaters. Lots more poking around the room. Dean notices the empty old gun box. More slow walking and flashlighting. Dean steps carefully and then kneels to check out some scratches he notices on the floor. Sam wonders, "Death throes, maybe?" Oh, Sam, don't be so skeptical about your prospects with the CW. Dean throws a piece of white paper over the scratch marks on the floor and takes a rubbing with a pencil. He peels the paper up, which is stuck to the blood on the floor (nice touch!), and hands it to Sam. We get a shot of it, and I can barely make out the marks, but I think they read "JRS 030701." Sam declares, "Three letters, six digits, the location and combination of a post office box. It's a mail drop."In the post office, Sam and Dean stealthily open a box and find a letter inside. They do so without speaking, so hooray for this scene!

Out in the car, they look at the envelope, which is addressed to "J.W.," and wonder if that stands for John Winchester. Sure. It also stands for Juwannastop Wankingaround? Open it already! Somebody else has gotten the memo that these two are acting the fools, and so suddenly knocks on the driver's side window, causing Dean to jump slightly in his seat. It's Jeffrey Dean Morgan! As much as they try to act like they are, nobody is surprised. Daddy gives the boys a wide, cheery grin, which seems kind of sadistic given the way they last parted and given the fact that he is the worst father of all time ever the end. He gets in the back seat and swings into his normal overly-serious mode. Sheesh, this guy. He's heard about Elkins, and he saw them out at Elkins's place the other night. Sam asks why he didn't come in and join the bloody party, and he responds that he was making sure nothing followed them there: "Nice job covering your tracks, by the way." Cram it, Crocodile Dundee. Dean, who turns into nearly as simpering of an idiot as his little brother when his father is around, responds that they learned from the best.

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