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The Hardy Boys Meet The Lost Boys

Back in whatever cabin the Winchesters are holed up in, Sam paces around and worries that "it shouldn't be taking this long." His dad reassures him that Dean is okay and then launches into a chick-flick moment. He tells Sam that the day he was born, he put one hundred dollars in a savings account for college and continued putting a hundred dollars in every month. Cut to Sam getting teary, and then cut back to Daddy saying that he never wanted this life for his son. Sam asks why he got so mad when Sam left for college, and Daddy lays it on about how all he saw after their mother's death was evil, and all he cared about was keeping them alive. He continues, "Somewhere along the line, I stopped being a father, and started being a drill sergeant." He confesses that when he got angry at Sam for going to college, it didn't occur to him to think about what Sam wanted; he just instinctually imagined Sam going away and being alone and vulnerable. Sam continues tearing up, and when his father says that he just couldn't accept that he and his son are different, Sam interjects, "We're not different. Not anymore. With what happened to mom and Jess, well, we probably have more in common than just about anyone." Gah. Depresso. Sam lightens the mood by asking what happened to the college fund (which would have been a whopping $900, tops) and his dad responds, "Spent it on ammo." They both break into relieved laughter. I guess some things never change. America loves guns more than education.

Dean walks in on the smiling pair, remarks on the heavy security marshaled "to protect a bunch of dead guys," and pulls out a glass bottle of red liquid that is supposed to be blood.Cut to Dean fake-looking under the hood of his car when Mimpire walks up and sexes, "Car trouble? Let me give you a lift. Take you back to my place." She is wearing a denim jacket with the sleeves ripped off. And guess what? It's freaking light-rinse. THE HORROR! Dean snarks back at her, "No thanks, I usually draw the line at necrophilia." Heh. "Usually." Oh...ew. She hauls off and smacks him across the face. He falls to the ground, a back-up vamp approaches, and Mimpire picks Dean up by the jaw. He snarks some more about how he doesn't "usually get this friendly 'til the second date" and she responds by making out with him. God, does this woman have any other moves in her playbook? Dean then snarks even some more (and I'd say this scene so far has a repetitive rhythm) about how he definitely can't stay with a chick "for eternity," just as an arrow goes through Back-Up Vamp's chest, and then hers. Seeing as how the arrow came from behind and Dean was positioned about five inches from her torso, I'm thinking that plan was not all that hot. Mimpire just stands there as Sam and Daddy come out of the woods. She seems to think it is just a regular arrow at first -- though she doesn't make any move to power through it like she did with Elkins's knife -- but her face falls when John tells her the arrow was "soaked in dead man's blood. Like poison to you, isn't it?" She faints into Dean's arms, and John tells him to "load her up." He then says that he'll take care of Back-Up Vamp, and nods at Sam, indicating that the little moptop should go elsewhere. Once Sam turns away, Daddy machetes off Back-Up Vamp's head, to the accompaniment of a nice little blood splash on the pavement. Metal Teeth Chomp.

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