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The Hardy Boys Meet The Lost Boys

Still out in the woods, the Winchester Three build a fire. Daddy instructs them to toss "this" on the fire. "This" turns out to be "saffron, skunk's cabbage, and trillium. It'll block our scent and hers until we're ready." I'm working on deadline, and haven't gotten a chance to get dinner, so...mmmmmm, skunk's cabbage. Sam wonders if the vampires will really come after Mimpire, and Daddy says that since "vampires mate for life, she's worth more to the leader than the gun." The poison will wear off on her soon, so they have to move quickly. Sam says that "a half hour oughta do it." I wonder if he wants to go play with his machete. John then instructs his sons that they need to get out of the area as soon as possible. Dean is worried about his father taking on all the vampires, but John says he'll have the gun. Which you want so that you can kill the Big Bad demon, so why would you waste bullets on these vampire twerps? Sam wants to know that their father will meet up with them afterward. And in the ten jillionth bad decision/plan of the episode, John stays quiet. Sam realizes he plans on ditching them, and gets angry again, telling his father that he can't keep treating them like children. Daddy responds that they are his children and he wants to keep them safe. Dean FINALLY jumps in and says, "Dad, all due respect, but that's a bunch of crap." Dean continues by reminding his father that he knows they're always in danger, and has actually sent them on dangerous hunting trips himself, so why does he want them "out of the big fight?" Daddy responds with the same sad song about how evil this big demon is and that he doesn't "expect to make it out of this fight in one piece." Well, there's something we agree on, John. Daddy continues, saying that their mother's death "almost killed me. I can't watch my children die, too." Haven't we been over all this already? God, it's called progress. Let's make some. Dean thinks Sam is right and they should fight the big fight together. "We're stronger as a family." Which is why you are always doing the stupidest things and having to run away from shit when you're together? Daddy finally tells them to stop arguing, to do their job, and then get out of the area. "That's an order."A car drives up and finds the Early-'90s Vampire Gang just hanging out in the streets again. If only we could get a community rec center built for these no-good kids! Luther doesn't look so happy when his Bloody Alcohol pal gives him the news that "they cut off Hank's head." Not Hank! Bloody Alcohol is really upset, making me think that vampires are a little more emo than I originally gave them credit for being. Luther hears a truck in the distance, and looks mystically into the truth of the situation as only vampires (and missundaztood teens) can and whispers, "Kate. She's in that truck."

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