Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters
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Then! the Winchesters met a demon named Abaddon, who wore a fabulous meat suit that looked like Alaina Huffman with perfect red hair. But she wasn't just your everyday, run-of-the-mill demon, oh no! She was a Knight of Hell, which meant she was in tight with Lucifer and probably got special parking privileges, and whatnot. Having missed out on the last 50 years due to an iffy plot twist, she was somewhat shocked and dismayed to discover that Crowley had assumed control of Hell. She was poised to crush Crowley like a bug beneath her boot, but Sam needed the ersatz king so he could finish his final "Hell Gate" trial. So he set Abaddon on fire and forced her to abandon her fabulous meat suit. No-o-o-o! Dean interrupted that last trial so that Sam wouldn't die, but then baby bro almost died anyway. Dean sent out a distress call to all angels, and got his ass kicked pretty badly as a result. Lucky for him, a helpful angel named Ezekiel also answered his call and crawled all up into Sam to heal him from within. Unfortunately, this required a bit of trickery and a complete lack of understanding of the concept of consent, but whatever. We got an unintentionally and robotically hilarious version of Sam as controlled by Ezekiel, so it was all worth it, even if Dean did feel terribly guilty about it.

Now! In a quaint little boarded-up house, in a quaint little unnamed town, a man drags an occupied body bag across a dusty, leaf-strewn floor. He carefully arranges the bag in a disgustingly stained bathtub and unzips it just enough to expose the occupant's scorched, skeletal arm.

At the same time, Dean has decided to stretch out on a picnic table at some rest stop on the way home. Did an extra angel crawl up inside Dean while nobody was looking? Because even though we're only a day or so past his face getting turned into cube steak, he now bears nary a scratch on his handsome mug. His complexion even glows like he just stepped out of the spa, for crying out loud. He and Sam have been talking over the latest. "So, what, Cass is human?" Sam asks. "Ish," Dean clarifies. "I mean, he's got no grace, no wings, no... harp, or whatever the hell else he had." Sam's a little worried about Castiel making it all the way from Colorado to the Lair o' Letters on his own, but Dean seems oddly unconcerned for someone who just recently felt sure the angels were about to wreak havoc on the guy. "If things go all Breaking Bad, he knows our number," Dean says. Fat lot of good a phone will do him if angels pop up behind him and give him more concussions.

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