Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Meanwhile, Sam is getting the snot beaten out of him by the three sailor minions. One of them throws him head-first into a wall. As Sam slumps to the floor, the minion grabs a handful of those Rapunzel tresses. "I thought all you Winchesters were supposed to be tough," the minion says. Sam's eyes snap open and glow bright blue. Ezekiel totally felt that minion touching Sam's hair. Nobody fucks with my vessel's hair! Samekiel flings the minion across the room, then gets back on his feet. As the minions watch with growing confusion, Sam's entire body begins to glow white-hot. His shadow unfurls massive, bony wings. Feathers drop like the last, sad leaves of autumn.

The glow reaches all the way outside, where Abaddon flinches as if physically stricken. An explosion from within the diner blasts out all the windows. "An angel?" Abaddon sneers. "What, you think we'd roll up in this mousetrap without back up?" Dean asks. Enraged, Abaddon tosses Dean through a window display of happening '90s fashion before disappearing herself the hell out of there.

When Dean makes it to the diner, he finds Samekiel stabbing the already-dead minions with the demon knife. "They were going to kill him," Samekiel explains. "What the hell did you do?" Dean asks. "I was protecting your brother," Samekiel says. "I thought that was what you wanted." He's not as hilariously robotic as he was fresh out of the hospital, and this makes me very sad. Dean's having a lot of difficulty making eye contact with Samekiel. "Sorry, I'm still not used to this whole thing," he says, forcing himself to glance up at him. "As am I," Samekiel says. It's like inhabiting a big, hairy redwood. Sam, having been knocked unconscious during the fight, is still oblivious to what's going on. "Sam will not remember any of this," he says. "So what am I supposed to tell him when he comes to?" Dean asks. Samekiel shows Dean the bloody knife: cover story! But Dean's still feeling guilty for, well, basically everything. Since he's the one who talked Sam out of completing the trials, he feels he's to blame for every demon-related death since. They really don't understand consent, do they? Instead of pointing out that Sam ultimately chose to quit the trial, Samekiel says Dean was just trying to protect his brother. "You did what you did out of love," he says. Dean grows even more uncomfortable. "I'm not really with the whole love and... love," he says, cringing like he's going to get cooties just from the very idea. "But it is why I said yes," Samekiel says. Meaningful choice of pronoun, or a slip of the writer's pen? After all, it wasn't Ezekiel who said yes, but Sam. And not even then, really. Dean frets about everything that could go wrong, because it will be his fault like it's always his fault, even when it isn't. Samekiel makes a series of faces approximating sympathy. "Dean Winchester, you are doing... the right... thing." Dean looks doubtful, or maybe he's just trying to parse Samekiel's weird line readings.

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