Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Some time later, Sam wakes up against the wall where he was thrown earlier. Confused, still in fight-or-flight mode, he flinches away from the figure standing over him. He's still confused even when he realizes it's Dean, and not one of the demons. "What the hell happened?" he asks. "You took a shot to the head and I came in and saved your ass," Dean says, holding the bloody knife. "You killed three demons alone?" Sam asks, growing more puzzled by the moment. "Took 'em by surprise," Dean explains. "Got a little messy, got a little lucky... oh, and I'm awesome, so there's that." Sam has to agree that his brother is pretty awesome. He's so impressed that he doesn't even ask what happened to Abaddon. Dean still has a hard time looking him him the eye, although for different reasons now.

Tracy, who was sent off untold ages ago to bring back supplies, only now returns. How convenient of her to miss out on all the complicated angel stuff. She's been gone so long that she's even had a change of heart about Sam. She doesn't apologize to him for her outburst, but she's glad he's not dead. That's a start. "Let's blow this toxic waste dump," Dean says as everybody piles into the Impala. "Burgers and Silkwood showers on me!" He's all happy smiles until the moment he slides into place behind the wheel. Preparation-H, Dean. Look into it.

The Winchesters return to the LOL after leaving Tromaville far behind them. Dean has a big bucket of fried chicken and what looks like a jug of prune juice. He and Kevin can share it and gab about their gastrointestinal travails. Sam and Dean call out to Kevin, but get no answer back. Ominous music plays. The brothers exchange oh shit looks and rush down to the torture dungeon.

Much to their surprise (and mine), they find Crowley right where they left him. "Who worked you over?" Dean asks, noticing Crowley's blood knuckles. Who does he think? Like they have a torture fairy that lives in the LOL. "Martin Hayward and Brandon Favors," Crowley says. Sam and Dean make faces like confused cavemen. "They did this to you?" Sam asks. "No, they're demons," Crowley says. "You asked for names, I'm giving you names." Dean's all set to gloat that they've broken Crowley, but Crowley, ever the salesman, sees it as a mutually beneficial exchange. "So these are freebies?" Sam asks, since Crowley hasn't yet asked for anything in return. "Consider them fair exchange," Crowley says, "for the enjoyment that Kevin gave me." Dean and Sam look a bit unsettled by this, and set off to look for Kevin, leaving Crowley in his semi-sealed dungeon, all alone once again.

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