Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Dean runs into Kevin just as the reluctant prophet is making his way to the door, backpack set squarely on his shoulder. Dean grabs his pack and pulls him to a stop. "Hey, talk to me," Dean says. "You can't keep me locked in here," Kevin fusses. Dean points out that this is exactly why they didn't want him to talk to Crowley. "He said my mother is still alive," Kevin says. "He said if I let him go, he'll give her back to me." Dean scoffs. "And you believed him?" Kevin's like, "He's still in there, isn't he?" Dean tries to reason with Kevin, telling him that Crowley is a liar. Even if Kevin's mother is still alive, Dean says, then she's dead in all the ways that matter. This would mean more if it weren't coming from the guy who stuffed an angel all up in his mostly dead brother just the week before. Perhaps the writer should have had Sam make the speech, while Dean stewed silently in his own guilty juices. "I know you're dying to bolt," Dean says, "but out that door, it's all demons and it's angels, and they would love to get their hands on a prophet." Dean goes on to say that he and Sam need him. They need him to do their boring research and report on his findings, and blackmail uncooperative law enforcement types with his computer skillz! But mostly, they're family. "After all the crap we've been through, and all the good you've done, man, if you don't think we would die for you... I don't know what to tell you." Tears start rolling down Kevin's cheeks. "You, me, Sam and Cass, we are all that we've got," Dean says. "But, hey, if none of that matters to you, I won't stop you..." Oh, you big, passive-aggressive wiener. What kind of strange world is this where Sam is more tolerable than Dean?

Dean finds Sam in the library and lets him know Kevin is staying. Dean pours them both a whiskey and notices Sam is looking kind of Sam. "What Tracy said about me," Sam says, "she wasn't wrong." It's Dean's job to talk people off the ledge today, so he reminds Sam of all the good he's done, which adds up to a far greater number than the people he's hurt. "That was then," Dean says, holding up his glass. "Here's to now." Sam looks a bit doubtful, but clinks glasses with his brother. "So, you ready for it?" he asks. He elaborates: "Fallen angels, Abaddon, Cass losing his halo, Crowley in our basement..." Dean snorts and says, "We're living in a freaking sitcom." It's exactly like ALF, if you just replace the fuzzy puppet with Crowley. But Dean worries when Sam goes on about how good he feels, and how happy he is with his life these days. Happiness is terrifying, because it has a cost and because it comes to an end. It's just a matter of time. But when? The smart money is on November sweeps.

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