Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

"Right now I got bigger worries," Dean goes on. "The fallen angels?" Sam guesses. They talk about how they have no idea what all these pissed-off, confused, homeless angels are going to do. They're probably going to go after Castiel, that's what they're probably going to do. Sam wonders what ever happened to Crowley. "Did you...?" He draws his finger across his throat in the universal symbol for murderin'. "I would have loved nothing better than to ice that limey bitch," Dean says, "but then I thought to myself, 'What would Sam Winchester do?'" Dean looks terribly pleased with himself for this, but Sam just looks puzzled. "I would have stabbed him in the brain," he says, like duh. Hopefully Dean tucks that little nugget away for future reference, because it's sure to come in handy someday. Sam is surprised to learn that the King of Hell has been alive and well, and riding around in the back of the Impala this whole time. What a quiet and polite little hostage Crowley is! You'd think he'd be banging around in there, causing all manner of ruckus, peeing all over their clothes, and so on.

Back at that disgustingly quaint little house, our body bag transporter takes out a knife and lets his demonic eyes flip to black. While he cuts into his stolen wrist, an angry black cloud swirls above him. He bleeds a few drops onto the corpse in the tub, which promptly begins to glow with unholy light. The black cloud shoots into the tub with such force that the demonic minion is knocked off his feet. As quickly as it appeared, the light vanishes. A sooty but perfectly manicured hand rises over the edge of the tub. A stark naked Abaddon follows soon after, standing before her minion while he gawks in amazement. Even her hair looks awesome. She looks around and smiles because look at her.

Supernatural has wings!

Dean walks into the Lair o' Letters and very nearly gets shot with an arrow. "What the hell?" he wonders. "Dean?" a tremulous voice asks from the library. Kevin Tran peeks out from behind an upended table, crossbow still clutched in his hands. "You're alive!" he exclaims with relief. "Yeah, because you're a crappy shot, Katniss," Dean says. Kevin apologizes, but he's been having a rough couple of days. "I haven't slept, I haven't eaten... I'm really backed up!" He says this last with a pained wince. As scared as he's been, you'd think he would have crapped himself silly. He explains about how all the machines in the LOL went nuts and all the doors automatically locked down. He couldn't even use his cell phone. "I thought the world was ending!" he cries. "Close," Dean says. He explains about the angels falling, then takes the bow away from Kevin, suggesting he use a gun next time. But, like, maybe make sure who you're shooting, too, okay?

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