Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Dean checks his phone and notes that he has service. When Kevin fiddles with the ancient computers, they all come back online. He thinks out loud that opening the door from the outside must have reset the system. He's super relieved until he sees Sam walking in with their new house guest. Even though Crowley's face is obscured with a hood, Kevin can't help but recognize him. He doesn't look too happy, either.

Once they secure him in the torture dungeon, Dean whips off Crowley's hood and tears off the duct tape covering his mouth. Ooh, that smarts! Crowley gets halfway through his trademark "hello, boys" when Dean punches him in the nose. "Never get tired of doing that," Dean says. Crowley blinks away the stars and notices a cabinet that's stocked full of sadistic cutlery. "Here's how it's gonna go," Sam says. "You're giving us the name of every demon on Earth and the people they're possessing." He has a pencil and teeny, tiny little notepad at the ready. Or maybe it's a normal notepad that just looks comically miniscule in Sam's overgrown mitts. Crowley scoffs, but Sam thinks Crowley might still be a little bit human underneath his crusty demon exterior. "I'm not giving you anything," Crowley says. "Why would I? You have no leverage, darlings!" Dean suggests torturing him, which immediately creates in Crowley's mind an image of Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier. "That's really putting the S-and-M into S-A-M!" He probably spent half his time in the trunk thinking that one up, and just had to hope he would get a chance to use it. Sam and Dean have no reaction to Crowley's wardrobe fantasy. "Honestly, boys, what are you gonna do to me that I don't do to myself just for kicks every Friday night?" The brothers smile at each other and then just... walk away. They seal Crowley into the dungeon and turn out the lights, leaving him alone with his thoughts once again. For Crowley, being without an audience is torture, and not the fun, auto-erotic kind.

"What's Crowley doing here?" Kevin wants to know once the brothers have returned to the library. "Why isn't he dead? Why aren't you stabbing him right now?!" Sam explains about needing Crowley to give up the names of all the demons so they can hunt them down. Unless they change meat suits, but whatever. "He will break," Dean assures him. "And when he does, we'll hold him down while you knife him!" He says this with the cheerful expression of one offering a treat to a child. Indeed, he finishes up with this: "Then we can all go out for ice cream and strippers!" With that, they each get to work on their next bout of research.

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