Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

So the fake Avengers check out the dead bodies on the bus. "This guy was shot in the heart," Sam notices. "Is that what killed him?" Dean asks. "Yeah, maybe 15 or 20 years ago," Sam says. All the bodies have fatal wounds but they're all old. This leads the Winchesters to realize they were meat suits that had been occupied for some time and now the demons have moved on to beefier pastures. The suddenly helpful Sergeant Bates boards the bus in order to show them some security video. To Sam and Dean's surprise, one of the demons is a surprisingly unscathed Abaddon.

"I thought you Kentucky-fried that meat suit," Dean says as they head back to the Impala. "I did," Sam says. They wonder how she got her body back, like anybody on this show should wonder about impossible resurrections anymore. Dean starts making plans to chop her head off again. Maybe next time they won't sew her back up and then leave her completely unguarded.

You know how the various baddies on this show always seem to set up shop in an empty warehouse or factory? It's like they must get some kind of sweet rental deal or something. Well, Abaddon has done them one better by taking over a whole, empty town. Its fenced perimeter bears signs of dire warning. "Contaminated building," one sign says. "Hazardous waste area," says another. The signs advise anybody standing close enough to read them seek medical help immediately. Two of Abaddon's newly outfitted minions beat up a guy in one of the town's contaminated alleys. "All right, Pete, where are the Winchesters?" asks one minion between blows. "Bite me," says Pete. The minion punches him in the face and asks the same question. He gets the same response. Abaddon, who's been watching this little interrogation, gets bored and strings up ol' Pete. "Let me show you how it's done, boys."

A short time later, one of the Winchesters' many phones rings at the LOL. Kevin answers it. "This is Dean's number," Abaddon says, "but you're not a Winchester. Who are you?" Kevin says, "I'm nobody." Behind her, Pete dangles from the end of his rope. Squealing did him no good. Abaddon wanders into a diner where her third minion stands guard. "Well, nobody, I need you to give those boys a message for me," she says. "I have something they might want." There, bound back to back, are Irv and Miss Shorty Shorts.

Sam and Dean are driving back home from San Diego when they get a frantic call from Kevin. He rattles off a string of coordinates and then says Abaddon has Irv Franklin and Tracy Bell. "The lady said they were hunters and that if you didn't go save them, she would kill them." Dean tasks Kevin with looking through the LOL for research on the Knights of Hell. Sam says that the coordinates lead to a town near Eugene, Oregon. "You know this is a trap, right?" he asks. "Yup," Dean says. "And we're just gonna walk right into it?" Sam asks. "Guns blazin'," Dean says. "You with me?" Sam snorts, but it's not one of his trademark dismissive snorts. He says, "You know it," and sounds pretty damned happy about it. Did Ezekiel start with his brain?

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