Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Alone with his thoughts, Crowley remembers going through the Hell Gate trial with Sam. He thinks about Dean saying mean things to him, and about confessing to Sam his deep and abiding love of Hannah and Marnie on Girls. "I deserve to be loved!" his memory shouts. "I just wanna be loved!" In the present, Crowley's head spins from all the feels. He can hardly catch his breath. When the lights suddenly come back on, he glances about, perhaps hoping he didn't utter any of these lines aloud. He listens and hears soft footsteps in the storeroom beyond. "Kevin?" he calls out. "Kevin, I know it's you. I'd recognize the pitter-pat of those little feet anywhere." Kevin tries to ignore him while he digs through some boxes, but Crowley continues to taunt him. He manages to hold out for all of thirty seconds before opening the dungeon doors.

"What happened here?" Dean asks, getting his first look at Tromaville. "Local chemical plant sprung a leak years ago," Sam says. "They evacuated three square blocks; guess it's still contaminated." Somehow, I just don't see Oregon leaving a poisoned town untreated for that long. Dean's guard goes up and his hand goes down to protect his crotch. "That's not gonna help," Sam says. "It doesn't hurt," Dean counters. No, it does not.

The brothers find Irv and Tracy in the diner. Dean rushes over to remove Irv's gag. "Where's Abaddon?" he asks. "She's been torturing hunters, trying to get intel on you boys," Irv says. "You know why?" Sam asks. Why do you think? You're the goddamned Winchesters! Is there any baddie that doesn't want to do you in? Irv doesn't know the specifics, though, and is more interested in getting out of there. Before untying them, the brothers test them with holy water. Yay for being smart! Sam introduces himself to Tracy, but she's less than pleased to meet him. "She's new," Irv explains. "She's smart, but she's got a mouth on her." You know how us silly womenfolk are! Always usin' our mouths for talkin' and whatnot, instead of keepin' our opinions to ourselves. Sam seems a little embarrassed by Irv, or maybe that's just my soft, feminine brain projectin' on him.

Now that we've had a better look at the torture dungeon, it doesn't really seem all that secure. As long as you could get past the devil's trap, you could climb right over the doors, since they don't go all the way to to ceiling. But, for now, Crowley is in a bind. "What brings you to my boudoir, handsome?" he asks Kevin. Crowley really is kind of like an evil Mae West, isn't he? "You're gonna tell me how to kill a Knight of Hell," Kev says. Crowley guesses that Kevin is talking about Abaddon. "Tell you what. You let me go, and I'll spit-roast the little whore for you." Kevin doesn't take the bait, so Crowley keeps taunting him. He prods Kevin to tell him why he really came down to see him. "You can tell me; we're friends," Crowley says. "You tortured me," Kevin reminds him. "I torture all my friends," Crowley says. He hints that he may not have really killed Mama Tran. Kevin goes "RAAAHH!" and punches him in the face. This makes Crowley unduly happy. "You can do better than that, little man," he taunts. Kevin glances over at the cabinet of torture cutlery. "That's right," Crowley says. "Let it all out!" Anything would be better than being alone with the embarrassing memories of his curative session with Sam.

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