Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

In the diner, Dean takes stock of their supplies. "We got Jesus juice, guns loaded with devil's trap bullets... angel blade..." Sam keeps watch at the window as the demons approach. "They've got assault rifles," Sam says. "So, what's the play?" Irv asks. Dean doesn't say...

...but the next thing the demons hear is him shouting, "Come and get it, you dicks!" They kick open the diner door and find Dean's phone, continually looping the polite invitation. Presumably he had this recording on standby, because otherwise they would have heard him shouting into his phone.

The real Dean is outside the diner with the other hunters. "We gotta flank Seal Team Douche in there," he says. He assigns Sam and Tracy to one side of the diner while he and Irv plan to take the other. Tracy doesn't want anything to do with Sam, though. "My family is dead because of him," she says. Sam seems a bit surprised by this. She says a demon killed her parents. "The whole time, it said it was celebrating because some dumb kid had let Lucifer out of his cage." Presumably she means that time Sam killed Lilith and (oops!) let Lucifer out of Hell, because Lucy is still trapped in what they've been referring to as "the cage" since the awful "Swan Song." Regardless, this is hardly the time to be dealing with her inner Inigo Montoya, so Dean rearranges the teams and sends Sam off with Irv. Poor Sam looks like he's going to cry. Also, did I just say "poor Sam"? Damn, Ezekiel, did you mess with my brain, too?

A weary Kevin lets go of the sledgehammer he's been using on Crowley and takes a much-needed break. Crowley's not through talking, though. "Let me go, and I'll give you back your mother," he says. "She's dead," Kevin insists. "Oh, she wishes she was," Crowley says. "After what I had my heavies do to her, she's begging for it." Kevin doesn't know quite what he wants to believe. Either option is pretty terrible. He looks like he's ready to break, so Crowley keeps picking at him. "You think Sam and Dean care about her? You think they care about you? You're just here to serve their needs, nothing more." He goes on about how the Winchesters will just toss him aside when they're done with him. He could very well be talking about himself, waiting for the day the brothers are done with him. Kevin thinks and thinks, and thinks some more.

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