Devil May Care

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The Hardy Boys Become Dungeon Masters

Dean and Tracy hide behind the corner of a building and keep an eye on the diner, waiting for the demons to come out. While they wait, Dean takes some time to defend his baby bro. "For the record, Sam's not the only go who thought he was doing right and watched it all go to crap," he says. "That's just part of being –" She cuts him off: "– being a hunter." But what he wanted to say is that it's part of being human. He reminds her to remember who they're fighting. "You gotta know who the real monsters are," he says. She pouts, but looks like she's taking his words to heart. Meanwhile, her butt cheeks fall off from exposure to the town's toxic fumes.

Irv looks increasingly guilty as he follows Sam to the other side of the building. He volunteers to hold off the demons while the others make their escape. "Irv, that's death," Sam says. "Well, that's what I got coming," Irv says. He explains that he got drunk and lonely in a bar one night and some hot redhead tortured him until he gave up the other hunters. But did she have a mouth on her? "Pete, Tracy, I gave 'em all up," he cries. In all his boohooing, he forgets he's supposed to be hiding and steps out from behind the wall. A demon shoots him dead from the rooftop of a nearby building. Sam shoots at the demon and makes a break for it, diving back into the diner where he knows at least one other demon is waiting for him.

Dean and Tracy tiptoe back toward the diner, but Abaddon pops out from behind the corner and knocks Dean on his ass. Tracy plugs Abaddon's torso full of devil's trap bullets. Abaddon laughs and pulls up her shirt to reveal the Kevlar vest underneath. That is why you always aim for the head. "I love the future," Abaddon says. While Abaddon is distracted with all the gloating, Dean throws some holy water in her face. Dean gives Tracy his car keys and tells her bring back more supplies. This turn of events suits Abaddon just fine. "Alone at last," she purrs, already healed from her burns. Dean gives her one of his most searing looks and pulls the angel blade from his jacket. He swings at her with such force that his shirt collar flaps open, exposing the anti-possession tattoo on his chest. I was wondering why he was only wearing one jacket, and now I know it's so we'd be sure to get a clear view of his ink. Abaddon easily disarms him and the blade clatters to the ground. She twists Dean's arm behind him and forces him to his knees. "I missed you. Did you miss me?" she asks. Dean is too busy being in total agony to answer.

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