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The Hardy Boys Need To Be Fixed
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THEN! Sam's innards were barbecued by those hellish trials, so Dean called out to any available angel to heal him. The call was answered by an angel named Ezekiel, who was wearing Tahmoh Penikett's body at the time. After creatively redefining "consent," Zeke possessed Sam to heal him from within. This resulted in a winningly terrible performance from Jared Padalecki as a strangely robotic angel. Zeke was supposed to just hole up in Sam for a little while, but Show kept finding ways to keep him around. He had to use his powers to dispatch a gaggle of demons, bring Castiel back to life, and then save Charlie when she sacrificed herself to protect Dean. All this Zeke ex Machina stuff meant that he had to stay longer and longer in order to heal himself, as well as Sam.

They could have left off right there and started with the episode, but they decided to remind us of (mostly) better and/or funnier episodes from the past.

The Dean of several seasons ago reminded Sam that they would hunt people and save things like their dad. Sorry, no, that's hunt things and save people. Sometimes it's easy to get them mixed up. Anyway, Dean once met a fairy who beat him silly, and narrowly avoided getting squashed by a cartoon anvil. Oh, hey, and remember that time he got the fear rash that made him scared of harmless kittens and puppies? Then there was that time he met the suicidal teddy bear, and that time Sam got punched in the nuts during a Japanese game show. Oh my God, and the time that Sam adorably lost his shoe? Priceless. Now, forget all that stuff, because it will just make you cry about how much better the show can be. Instead, concentrate on the show's weird history with horny dogs and the people who love them, because that's more the level of this particular episode.

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