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The Hardy Boys In The Sky With Diamonds

...Malibu Bobby's Dream House, where The Undead Mrs. Bobby's throwing herself against a door again. Sucks to be her afterlife. Well, if this were real, which it is not, which Dean eventually forces Dream Bobby to realize via a great deal of manly shouting, and after Dream Bobby squints his eyes and thinks real hard for a second, The Undead Mrs. Bobby's disappeared. "I don't believe it," Dream Bobby breathes. "Believe it!" Dean snaps. "Now would you please wake up?"

"Sweet dreams!" Batshit Jeremy croons out on the lawn, and he hoists his baseball bat high into the air to bring it crashing down upon Darling Sammy's unruly mop just as...

...Bobby snaps awake in his hospital room, which hauls...

...Sam and Dean out of it over in The Heroin Suite! Generalized panting abounds until the camera finally pulls a gentle cross-fade back to...

...Bobby's hospital room, where he and Dean review all of the research gathered thus far. There's a touching moment in which Dean confirms that Bobby did indeed kill his wife, followed by another touching moment in which Bobby thanks Dean for saving his life, and good Lord, but Jensen Ackles is ridiculously pretty in this shot. So. Wow. Yeah. Wow. Um. Wow. "You know," Raoul rudely interrupts, "you can continue any time you're ready!" Ooops. Gotcha. So, Sam arrives with the depressing news that "Stoner Boy" has fled his scummy dorm room, which means it must be time for a hearty round of expository blather regarding Batshit Jeremy's origins. According to Bobby, who yanked the psycho's entire file before said psycho trapped Bobby in a nightmare, "Jeremy Frost" is a "genius" with "a hunnert and sixty IQ." This despite the fact that Batshit Jeremy's dad "took a baseball bat to his head" back in the day, so when I said Jeremy was LYING about the bicycle accident? Here's your proof. You can thank me later. Bobby passes a photocopy of Bad Dad's license to Sam, and according to that license -- which was issued in February 1990 and expired four years later -- Bad Dad is exactly eight days younger than I am, and since "he died before Jeremy was ten," according to Bobby, that means Bad Dad was -- at most -- fifteen years old when Jeremy was born. And God. Damn, but Mr. Henry David Frost is looking rough for a 21-year-old in that license photo. Oh, show. Oh, stupid, stupid show. Whatever! Moving on: Long story short, the beating left Jeremy both batshit and syndromed with Charcot-Wilbrand, and he hadn't dreamt at all until he entered The Good Doctor's study. Sam's excellent question involves Batshit Jeremy's access to Bobby's dream bank (or whatever): How did Batshit Jeremy acquire the DNA sample necessary to hop into Bobby's head via the Dream Root? Abashed Bobby admits that before he knew Jeremy was responsible, he stupidly accepted Jeremy's offer of healing booze. Dean's all, "Um...ooops!" Sam's screams, "You moron! Now that psychotic freak can fuck with both of your dreams!" Overreacting yet again, Bobby howls, "WE CAN NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!" And I'm wondering, "So, Jeremy's scraping skin cells off the mouths of beer bottles and cultivating them in his secret subterranean laboratory for later acts of iniquity? Or is he just storing the backwash somewhere? What?" Of course, I never get an answer to my excellent questions, because we have to leap forward two days to...

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