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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

Dean catches up with Sam at the fun house just as another small child fingers a clown. There is, of course, no clown to be seen from anyone's perspective but her own. Our Intrepid Boys gulp.

Later that evening, Van Morrison pulls up in front of the latest little fingerer's low-slung homestead. Sam can't believe Dean told "Papasian" about their homicidal clown. "I told him an urban legend about a homicidal clown," Dean corrects before adding that when he mentioned "The Bunker Brothers'" "evil clown apocalypse of 1981," Professor Papasian dished some dirt about Mr. Cooper having worked for the Bunkers at the same exact time. The boys realize Mr. Cooper's likely in possession of the cursed object himself. The screen fades to black...

...only to fade back in again with a pan down the low-slung façade of the latest little fingerer's homestead at some point much later that night. A light flickers on in the living room. Cut to Van Morrison, where Dean's practically drooling against the doorframe in his sleep, while Sam keeps a watchful eye on the imperiled house. As soon as he spots movement in the living room, he shakes Dean awake in time for them to spot the stupid moppet wandering towards the front door. "Wanna come in and play?" she asks John Wayne Gacy. He eagerly nods his head, so she reaches out her hand to draw him across the threshold and into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Seconds later, the stupid little idiot leads John Wayne Gacy through the back of the house, where Our Intrepid Duo are already lying in wait. As Sam snatches the stupid little idiot from John Wayne Gacy's grasp, Dean spins around another corner to fire off both barrels of his sawed-off shotgun. The dimwit shrieks. "That's my job, you little bitch!" The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon shrieks right back at her. John Wayne Gacy takes both barrels to the chest and goes down like a French prizefighter. But then, just like Michael Myers in Halloween, he slowly rises back up into sitting position. The dimwit's still shrieking, by the way. You better shut up, bird brain. The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon will cut you. John Wayne Gacy leaps first to his feet and then through the glass door behind him, both shattering the thing as he passes through it and dematerializing as he does so. We get a hint that he retains some sort of solid form, though, when a potted plant on the back porch crashes down the steps as he presumably passes by. The stupid little shrieky idiot dimwit's parents finally arrive on the scene, and great is the shouting and screaming that follow until Sam and Dean bolt through the shattered back door. "They shot my clown!" the stupid little shrieky idiot dimwit pouts. After you let a homicidal maniac into your house at two o'clock in the morning, you're lucky they didn't shoot you. In the face. Moron.

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