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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

Later, the boys are back to ambling down the highway. Sam gets off his cell to give Dean the bullet on tonight's Monster Of The Week: It's a Rakshasa, from "a race of ancient Hindu creatures" who "appear in human form, feed on human flesh, can make themselves invisible, and cannot enter a home without first being invited." "Why don't they just munch on the kids?" Dean quite reasonably wonders. "No idea," Sammy shrugs. "Not enough meat on the bones, maybe?" He then carries on with the weekly exposition, noting that Rakshasas "live in squalor, sleeping on a bed of dead insects," "and they have to feed a few times every twenty to thirty years." Our Intrepid Duo agree that the demon's M.O. matches the timeline for the various carnival murders, and further agree that the likeliest suspect at this point is old Mr. Cooper himself. Sam notes that the only way to kill the thing is by stabbing it with a knife forged from pure brass. Dean remembers Professor Paisan's stash of stabby things, and instructs Sam to confirm that "Cooper's got bedbugs" while he himself finagles a way into Professor Paisan's trailer.

The Deadliest Show On Earth, If You're The Parent Of A Particularly Stupid Child. After the carnies shut down the twinking lights and retire for the evening, Sam and Dean emerge from the shadows to go sleuthing. As Professor Paisan tells Dean he's not sure if he has any brass knives, Sam breaks into Mr. Cooper's trailer and starts slicing open the mattress on his cot, only to be interrupted by Mr. Cooper himself, cocking a rifle at Sam's assily coiffed head. D'oh! Meanwhile, over at Professor Paisan's, the blind knife thrower tells Dean to check his trunk. Dean hoists the creaky thing open, only to find John Wayne Gacy's clown outfit underneath a black cape. DUN! Dean fingers the curly red wig, then whips his head around to blurt, "You?" Professor Paisan deliberately allows his cane to drop to the floor before sliding the sunglasses from his face. His eyes, once cataract-clouded, are clear. Well, until they flip into their Thriller form, at any rate. "Me!" he confirms with a coy little waggle of his fingers and an almost triumphant smile on his face. That triumphant smile, however, quickly gets CGI'd way into horrifying freak show territory as it shoots through Jack Nicholson as The Joker straight into Jim Carrey as The Grinch. Still wiggling his fingers around in the air, The Rakshasa dematerializes, cat's-eyes-last, right into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

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