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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

Dean frantically fumbles with the doorknob as the still-invisible Rakshasa hurls daggers in Dean's general direction that somehow always go wide to embed themselves in the wood. Whatever. Dean finally bursts through the door onto the midway, where he meets up with Sam. They rapidly fill each other in on their respective situations, and Sam stumbles across a cunning plan. Our Intrepid Duo vanish into the funhouse.

Which is still blacklit, even though they should have the work lights on now that the fair's closed for the day, and various carnie grunts should be in there sweeping the floors and wiping the kiddie snot off the exhibition cabinet glass, but Sam and Dean are alone, and whatever. Sam disappears behind a set of doors that swiftly slide shut behind him, blocking the boys off from each other. Sam bellows for Dean to "find the maze," which I totally don't under...oh! The maze will lead him to Sam! We were supposed to know this from our previous visits to the fun, exactly? Nevermind! Look at the blacklit Pretty! Sam reaches the calliope and wrenches away at one of the brass pipes. All of which happen to be very, very hot because of the steam rising through them. Ooo-kay. Let's just get through this as quickly as possible, then, shall we? Because even the first time I watched this sequence, I knew it was nearly 100% filler. Dean eventually makes his way to the calliope, only to have The Rakshasa pin him to the far wall via a couple of particularly well-flung daggers through his jacket. Meanwhile, Sam's managed to wrest one of the calliope's pipes from its mooring, but alas! The monster is invisible! How ever will Sam be able to stab it back to Hell? Dean thinks fast and yanks the steam valve conveniently located directly above his head into full open position. This sends a jet cloud of the stuff shooting through the corridor, thereby delineating the monster's form as it sweeps around his body. Sam jams the pipe into The Rakshasa's gut, and...demon go boom? No, invisible demon just scream until invisible demon stop screaming. Dean finally frees himself and stretches to shut off the steam. The cloud dissipates to reveal Professor Paisan's empty set of clothes on the floor. Monster Of The Week thus dispatched with, Dean makes a witty remark I can't hear because I'm being chewed up head-first by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

ROADHOUSE. Ellen passes Our Intrepid Duo a couple on the house in recognition of "the helluva job" they just did, and wanders off as Jo wanders up. Sam looks at Jo, then Sam looks at Dean, then Sam looks at Jo, then Sam looks at Dean, then Sam looks at Jo, then Sam looks at Dean, and then Sam finally buys a goddamned clue and quite adorably bumbles, "Oh, uh, yeah! Um, I've, uh, I've gotta, ah...I gotta go." "Over there," he adds, nodding to a completely random corner of the bar. "Right now." And with that, he darts out of the frame. Heh. Left alone -- except for Ellen, who's eavesdropping as she polishes the glasses -- Dean and Jo flirt a little bit more, but agree the timing is completely wrong. Fortunately, they're interrupted by Ash, who arrives from the kitchen (!?!) with his uber-nerd homemade laptop to announce that his fifty-one hours' worth of work on tracking The Ceiling Demon have been only partially for naught, for while he can't find The CD anywhere right at this moment, he's set everything up so that, should The CD rear its fugly/attractive/whatever-it-picked-this-time head anywhere at any point in the future, Ash's uber-nerd laptop will, um, start hooting and yodeling at him? I guess. You see, as Ash puts it, he's "all over [The Ceiling Demon] like Divine on dog dookie," and that line would have been funnier had he been allowed to say "dog shit." Also, Sam's reaction to this news is "What do you mean?" and you can tell Ash can't figure out if Sam's inquiring about the uber-nerd laptop or the John Waters reference. Heh. Anyway, we also learn that Ash went to MIT before he was "kicked out for fighting," and that's about it for Ash at the moment. He'll notify the boys if his laptop spits out anything of relevance. As the guys rise to leave, however, Ellen takes a moment before calling out an invitation for them to crash in one of her back rooms, if they need a place to stay. They're family now, you see? Dean thanks her kindly enough, but insists, "There's something I gotta finish."

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