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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

Damn straight. How dare you waste all that time chasing after killer clowns when Metallicar has been languishing in the hot sun, clearly in need of a little tender, loving care? Dean's back under the Impala doing something to one of its back wheels when Sam picks his way across the dirt to admit, "You were right. About me and Dad." Dean glances up at Sam for the briefest of moments, then goes back to puttering around the car. "I'm sorry that the last time I was with him, I tried to pick a fight," Sam bravely soldiers on in the face of Dean's apparent indifference. "I'm sorry that I spent most of my life angry at him. For all I know, he died thinking that I hated him, so you're right. What I'm doing right now, it is too little, too late." Sam, beginning to choke up because he's the one who's comfortable expressing his emotions, admits, "I miss him, man, and I feel guilty as hell, and I'm not all right. Not at all." The camera's been on Sam's face this entire time, saving Dean's reaction shot for when Sam follows all that with the accusation, "But neither are you -- that much I know." Dean is -- wait for it -- impassive. Sam swallows some tears and, after shrugging a bit at Dean's impenetrable demeanor, announces that he'll let his brother get back to his work. Sam wanders off, and Dean stands still for a very long moment, watching him go. Dean then paces around for a bit between Metallicar and another nearby wreck, grabbing hold of a crowbar at some point as he goes. And then? DEAN SMASH. Yep, he wields the crowbar like a pickaxe and crashes it through the other wreck's window. He then takes the briefest of pauses before slamming the thing down on Metallicar's just-restored trunk, and this is when I lost it. Not in a blubbery, "Oh, my poor damaged boys!" kind of way, but in a "DEAN! What the FUCK do you think you're doing to that CAR, you DIPSHIT?!" sort of way. Because I counted -- twice -- and I don't care if you do look like Jensen Ackles in a tight grey t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans: NO ONE HITS METALLICAR WITH A CROWBAR SEVENTEEN TIMES AND LIVES TO TELL ABOUT IT. And then, just to make me feel sorry for the character again, Jensen Ackles nails his last, silent close-up as Dean, breathing heavily, gazes after Sam, his face unperturbed and nearly immobile -- except for his entire lower jaw, which is quavering with unexpressed grief and anger and anguish and fear. Damn you, Kripke!

The episode ends with a dedication card in memory of Peter Ellis, the director of last season's "Bloody Mary" and "The Benders." Just so you know.

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