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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

Later that night, Dad Of Evan slumbers in the master bedroom of House Of Evan with a blonde I'm guessing is both Mom Of Evan and more of this week's Monster Chow. Evan's little hand appears atop his father's duvet-covered leg, and the kid shakes his father awake with, "Dad! Dad!" DAE groggily wonders what's going on. "You were right!" Evan whispers excitedly. "He is my friend!" Dad Of Evan's eyes drift from his son's face to the enormous gloved hand clutching his child's own, then all the way up to John Wayne Gacy's blankly staring eyes. The sides of John Wayne Gacy's mouth slink up into a foul smile as Dad Of Evan jerks backwards in the bed with a terrified "Hey!" that's gobbled up by the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Back from the break, Van Morrison wheezes into The Cooper Carnival's next gig, a benefit for The Children's Charities of Mishicot, Wisconsin. This show is evil. Also, the real Mishicot's barely big enough to warrant its own gas station, much less a collective of children's charities, but I suppose that's neither here nor there. Right before the boys disembark from Van Morrison, Dean spots the "5-0" chatting with the Emmett Kellys from the top of the hour. A short bit later (geddit? "Short"? You will), Sam's cooling his heels by the Tilt-A-Whirl when a midget clown toddles by. This is amusing for a number of reasons, first among them Sam's near-paralyzing fear of clowns no matter how small, as entertainingly displayed by Jared Padalecki in the wordless exchange of mutually suspicious side-eyes that follows. A little more amusing is the fact that this little woman has bent her head all the way back to meet Jared Padalecki's eyes, because she's a midget and he's fifteen feet tall. And even more amusing than that is the flashback I just had to the Season One gag reel, wherein Jared Padalecki as itching-powder-infested and therefore crotch-scratching Sam bitches, "I think that midget stripper gave me herpes." Heh.

Anyway, the suspicious midget eventually toddles off, allowing Dean to bow-leggedly lope over and tease, "You get her number?" Sam wrinkles his nose at Dean eight or nine times until Dean finally passes along the information he was able to procure from sources that will remain unidentified: Two more murders the previous evening: a couple "ripped to shreds" after attending the fair with "a little boy." "Who fingered a clown," Sam guesses. There's a very funny moment wherein Dean goes to the same sick, twisted place you just went, glances over at Sam to see if the latter understands how disgusting he just was, realizes the latter is utterly oblivious to the foul double meaning of the statement so recently uttered, and decides to drop it all in favor of confirming that yes, the little boy did indeed finger a clown, who then vanished into thin air. Hee. They next get to realizing that even though a cursed object will certainly emit EMF, there's no easy way to scan everything at the carnival without drawing suspicion upon themselves. No easy way, that is, until Dean spots a "Help Wanted" sign attached to a nearby tent.

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