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The Hardy Boys And The Case Of The Idiot Children

The boys wander into the tent to find an elderly gentleman hurling knives at a bull's eye he never misses. "Excuse me," Dean calls out, "we're looking for a Mr. Cooper -- have you seen him around?" "Is that some kind of joke?" the elderly gentleman scowls, ripping off his black sunglasses to reveal a pair of cataract-clouded eyes. This leads into a crotchety rant from the geriatric knife-thrower, punctuated by Dean's mewling apologies and Sam's snickers of glee at his brother's inadvertent faux pas. Dean next sticks his foot in it when a diminutively statured gentleman arrives to find out what's up with all the geriatric ranting, and Dean assures the arrival, "It's all just a little misunderstanding." The midget goes apeshit over the perceived slight, and Sam just laughs and laughs and laughs until the boys are finally...

...escorted into Mr. Cooper's trailer by Mr. Cooper himself, who invites them to take a seat. As the seats available are one dingy-looking black padded armless office chair and one garishly-decorated piece of trash festively shaped like a clown -- complete with arms that wrap around one's torso to function as rests -- Dean of course darts over to the dingy one, leaving the other for his coulrophobic brother. Sam hilariously twitches himself down on the thing, perched on the very edge as if ready to flee the instant the thing comes to life and starts gnawing on his behind. Long story short, Mr. Cooper calls them on all of their job interview lies and delivers a lecture on the sad history of side-shows and their freaks before announcing that his carnival functions as "a refuge for outcasts." As Sam and Dean clearly have other things going for them, if you know what I mean, and I think you do, Mr. Cooper encourages them to take their fine selves back to school so they can "find a couple of girls, have two-point-five kids," and "live regular." There's a joke to be made about the two and the point-five and how the point-five would just love to be part of a traveling freak show, but I can't find it right now. Anyway, Sam slips into his Captain Sincerity suit and leans forward to breathe, "Sir, we don't want school, and we don't want regular. We want this." Sam's legs look so scrawny in those tights.

And that little display apparently assuaged all of Mr. Cooper's many misgivings, for we next join the boys as they wander away from the fair owner's trailer as newly minted carnival employees. There follows a scene wherein Dean confronts Sam about both the whole not wanting to go back to school thing and the whole suspiciously abrupt change in Sam's attitude as far as the hunting life goes thing, but I can't focus on any of it because Jared Padalecki's hair has finally reached the point where it can spread its wings and take to the air of its own volition. As CaffeineKitty so succinctly noted on the boards, you watch this scene fully expecting Dean to interrupt Sam's little heartfelt speech with, "Hang on a second, Sam, I think your hair has a question." CUT IT. NOW. Anyway, where was I? Oh, it doesn't matter, because they cover the same territory at least two more times before the night is over. Next!

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