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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

It's Filler Time! Dean slowly pokes his head up next to the cab of a dumpy RV. A crazed dog starts barking and frothing inside the cab, catching the policemen's attention. Oh boy, it looks like Dean's going to get caught...walking around again! Trouble is a-brewin'! But when the officers get to the RV, they don't see anything. Wha? Wha happened? That crazy Dean, he's up on the roof of the RV!

In the cellar, Sam finds the altar in question, covered in just a bunch of crumbly-looking cellar detritus. Oh, and also, an eight-by-ten of Dean with his face X'd out in what looks like blood. Sam picks up the glossy when Sue Ann appears behind him: "I gave your brother life and I can take it away." Sam take the altar and tosses it all over. Sue Ann scurries out of the cellar and puts a stick through the handles, locking Sam below. As he pushes on the doors, she lectures him, "Can't you see? The Lord chose me to reward the just and punish the wicked. And your brother is wicked." Wicked hot, maybe. Sam has in the meanwhile gone over to the other side of the cellar and bashed open the flimsy dryer connection thing-y.

The tent. The Rev is at it again. With another full house. Don't these people have things to do other than attend random healing services?

In the parking lot, Dean sneaks around, but gets alarmed when the street lights (which, street lights? Since when? They are in a tent IN A FIELD) start shutting off as he passes them. In the tent, you know the deal: the hands, the plinking, the praying. Dean turns around and is not happy to see that Shar-Pei Face has decided that he wants to curl up on Dean's lap next.Commercials. Wrapping things up here. In the tent, the hands and the plinking; outside the tent, Sue Ann clasps her pendant and mumbles; in the parking lot, Dean is getting the dull eyes and loving Shar-Pei glances. Suddenly, Sam comes out of nowhere, grabs Sue Ann's cross, and breaks it on the ground, where it shatters, on the asphalt, that surrounds the tent? That previously was surrounded by mud and muck? Cut back to the reaper, who shrinks away from Dean, and then cut to Layla in the tent, who opens her eyes and says, "I don't feel different." Sue Ann drops to her knees in front of her smashed necklace and exclaims, "Oh my God!" just so that Sam can judge some more: "He's not your God." In the tent, The Rev and Layla are confused. Outside, Sue Ann sees the reaper coming for her, and he looks pretty psyched to be doing so. She falls to the ground, her eyes glaze over, and she does a few nicely graphic convulsions before dying. The Reaper is just happy that he can leave this muddy wasteland and join his pals at the annual convention in Vegas. Sam turns away from her and walks away. The boys meet back at the car and exchange laconic remarks.

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