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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

In the motel, Sam packs while Dean broods. Dean isn't sure they did the right thing. A knock on the door, and Layla and her push-up bra come in. Sam called her to come say goodbye. Sam says he's going to grab a soda, which, lucky for him, is a mere eight inches away. So jealous. Layla and Dean have an incredibly implausible conversation where she sits on the bed next to him and primly talks about having faith instead of tearing his clothes off. Lady, you've got six months to live, what are you waiting for? She says goodbye, and as she leaves, Dean tells her that though he's "not much of a praying type, I'm going to pray for you." She gets cheesily verklempt and says, "Well. There's a miracle right there." No, the miracle is that I made it through this scene without puking.

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