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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

Sue Ann helps him up the stairs, and Dean confesses that he isn't a believer. The Rev instructs the congregation to pray with him, and the soulful piano keeps up its casual plinking in the background. Everyone in their seats closes their eyes and raises their hands to the spirit along with The Rev. The Rev starts mouth-breathing as he slowly brings his hand to Dean's head. The camera goes handheld and skewed and The Rev starts whispering, "All right now, all right now," while Dean starts looking woozy. Dean sinks to his knees, we hear a slicing noise, and Dean's spine goes loose and he falls onto his side. Sam rushes to the stage while the congregation is all "Hallelujah!" and when he reaches his brother, Dean is coming back to consciousness, suddenly far less pale and much healthier-looking. As Dean wakes up, he looks up at The Rev, who stands there with his Blind Man's smile, and beyond whose shoulder lurks a nattily-dressed demon with the face of a Shar-Pei and also pretty much the same face of the villains developed for a critically-acclaimed episode of that critically-acclaimed television show that I certainly don't want to have to bring up week after week, and so will just leave unnamed because we all know what I'm talking about, and, yes, it does rhyme with "Huffy the Cast-Iron Conveyor."Commercials. In a doctor's office, Dean and Sam get the news that there is nothing wrong with his heart, and no indication that there ever was. The doctor then exposits, "Still it's strange it does happen. Just yesterday, a young guy like you, 27, athletic, had a heart attack out of nowhere." Dean is suspicious, but Sam just wants to let it slide. Then Dean tells Sam that when he was healed he felt "wrong. I felt cold. And for a second, I saw someone -- this old man." Then Sam starts whinging, "Well, if it was there, Dean, I think I would've seen it, too. I mean, I've been seeing an awful lot of things lately." And I guess that is true, if by "awful lot" you actually mean "two" -- that one dream you had about Jess, and then the dream you had about the lady who lived in your old house. Look how easy it is to PAY ATTENTION to plot points. Dean totally faces Sam hard: "Excuse me, psychic wonder, but I think you're just gonna need to have a little faith," and then tells Sam he's been doing this long enough to know when to trust a feeling. And again, if the world actually was my oyster, we'd get a musical number here. Probably one where the rest of the set would go dark except for a spotlight on Dean. Sigh. Dean instructs Sam to check out the heart attack guy, and then says he'll visit The Rev.

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