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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

At The Rev and Peggy Sue's, Suzy Q pours some iced tea while Dean says he just wants "to make sense of what happened." Preachy Sue says, "A miracle is what happened." Dean asks The Rev Roy when the miracles started. The story is: The Rev woke up blind one morning and was diagnosed with cancer. So they prayed for a miracle, then he went into a coma, and when he woke up, against all predictions the cancer was gone. Well, that's anticlimactic. Then Dean asks why The Rev picked him. The Rev responds that "I looked into your heart and you just stood out from all the rest." Then he gives him the Crystal Ball 101 treatment, telling Dean that he is "a young man with a job to do. An important one. And it isn't finished. Oh, and also you have a big decision to make. And you'll find love. And you also had something to eat for dinner last night."

Over in the locker room, Sam is working on an important job himself. Heh. He's interviewing an unidentifiable man -- coach? teammate? -- who confirms that Athletic Boy's death was totally unexpected. Unidentifiable Man earns his paycheck by telling Sam that Athletic Boy freaked out right before his death, "saying that something was after him." Then he gets a little something extra by sticking around long enough to tell Sam that the stopped clock is frozen at the exact time Athletic Boy died, 4:17.

Dean leaves The Rev and the Evil Wife Singers' house and runs into Layla on the steps. She Vicodins, softly and sweetly, "Dean, hey." Her mom comes up behind her, and the women walk up to Sue Ann, who's come onto the porch. Sue Ann tells Layla that The Rev is resting, and Layla's mom arranges her lips into a frighteningly narrow configuration and begs, "Sue Ann, please! This is our sixth time!" No luck. Dean has been eavesdropping behind them, and as Sue Ann leaves, Thin Lippy turns on Dean: "Why are you still here? You got what you wanted." She's upset because The Rev keeps picking unbelieving strangers over Layla. When Dean asks Layla what her gimp is, she explains: inoperable brain tumor yadda yadda. Julie Benz is a very pretty woman, and she looks good here in her little fitted blazer with the gathered shoulders. However, when this woman is stuck playing a character with no heft to counterattack that naturally sweet voice and serene eyes? One-way ticket to Snoozetown. Thin Lippy turns her weirdly jack o' lantern face on Dean and grimaces, "Why do you deserve to live more than my daughter?" Um, have you SEEN his ass?Dean returns to the hotel and to Sam's apologies. Sam sighs a bunch while telling him about Athletic Boy's time of death. He then goes over his fascinating research method: he crosschecked the dates when The Rev has "healed" people with "the local obits." I mean, can someone get the news out to those poor suckers twiddling their thumbs at the obituary desks of regional newspapers that they are doing important work? Also, is there any way I can get a hold of Sam's research expertise to help me out on my dissertation? Sam has found that every time someone is healed, someone else dies of that person's same malady. As Dean repeats this back to Sam, we cut to a young woman running in a forest. Sam concludes, "Le Grange is trading one life for another," the woman stops and calls out into the woods, "Hello?" and some virtuoso keyboarding starts on the soundtrack.

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