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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

Dean gets up and suggests that they kill The Rev. Sam says they can't, because that isn't what they do. Dean reminds Sam that The Rev is "deciding who lives and who dies. That's a monster in my book," but Sam retorts, "We can't kill a human being. We do that, we're no better than he is." Sam finally has an idea: they have to figure out what the spell that The Rev is using is, and then how to break it.

Back at muddy tent town, Sam holds our hands through this extremely challenging plot development: "If Roy's using a spell, there might be a spell book. See if you can find it." They run into the protester, who hands flyers to both, says "Roy LeGrange is a fraud," and is met with "Amens" from the brothers. The Rev and wife leave their house just as Sam slips in through an open window. He walks directly into the room with all the books, and finds that the bookshelves have about a fifteen-year layer of dust on them -- except in front of one book. Cleanliness? Godliness? Bueller? He takes the "Encyclopedia of Christian History" off the shelf, flips through the pages, and doesn't find anything, then reaches into the book's empty slot on the shelves and finds the Le Grange little black magic book. The book has a newspaper clipping in it with the partial headline "Openly Gay Teacher Wins / Strong Message Sent to Nation's Schools." He finds more clippings, one about an "abortion rights advocate" and another about the protester from out front. Strings swell, I get more wine.In the tent, gimps gimp and Dean's phone rings. Sam tells Dean that "Roy's choosing victims that he sees as immoral," and then tells him that he thinks Protest Dave is next. Sam says he'll find Dave, but Dean has to keep The Rev from "healing" anyone. Old-timey piano plinking inside the tent. We cut quickly to Sam wandering around the parking lot, about as good at looking for something as my husband, who's been known to ask where his glasses are while they rest on his face. Back in the tent, The Rev calls Layla to the stage. Talk about bad timing! Nobody'd really miss Protest Dave, would they? I mean, couldn't he have put his protesting skills to better use? Like perhaps political puppetry on the steps of the state capitol?

In the parking lot, Sam wanders. Dean intercepts Layla on her way up to the stage and tells her he can't let Roy "heal" her. He tells her "something bad is gonna happen," but opts not to tell her any more. Sue Ann beckons to her, her mother looks on, and Layla does not obey the bizarre pleadings of the cad she met the other day.

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