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The Hardy Boys Get Religion

Parking lot again. Sam spins around in circles until he hears someone screaming for help. Great job finding Dave, there, pal. Next time I need to find my keys, I'm going to wander around slackjawed until they start yelling for my help. Anyway, Dave is being pursued by Shar-Pei Face, but Sam continues to spin around in his self-woven web of stupidity.

Back in the tent, The Rev goes through his shtick with the hands and the breathing and the praying, while in the parking lot, Dave is frankly acting rather queeny, flinging himself around and stamping like Nathan Lane finding out there's no Fiji water in his dressing room. Sam has found him, but when Dave points to where Shar-Pei Face is, Sam can't see him. Sam grabs him and they run off. In the tent, more hands raised, and just as The Rev brings his down upon Layla's head, Dean yells out, "Fire! The tent's on fire!" People start shuffling around, and though Layla's mom begs them to stop, The Rev asks them to leave in an orderly fashion. Dean calls Sam to tell him he stopped Roy.

Sam asks Dave if he thinks he's okay, and Dave nods before turning to see Shar-Pei Face right in front of him. He falls to the ground as the reaper grabs his head, and Sam yells into the phone that Dean's plan didn't actually work.

Commercials. Sam yells through the phone that Roy must not be controlling this thing while Dave writhes around on the ground. Dean, standing in the now empty tent, shows why it is he is so good at this job by, oh, using his eyeballs to see something and so sees Sue Ann with her back to him, obviously up to no good. Just as the reaper is about to finish Dave off, Dean spins Sue Ann around and sees her tarot cross necklace. He stares at her for a good fifteen minutes without doing anything before she starts yelling for help, and the policeman who was apparently standing right next to Dean steps into the frame to grab Dean. Great choreography, folks. Sue Ann tucks the pendant back into her shirt. But because she's stopped her spell casting, Shar-Pei Face leaves Dave alone, but not before giving him a pretty funny cocked-lip smirk, like, now what was he supposed to do? He's got another reaping to get to, clear across state lines!Dean is manhandled out of the tent by two police officers. Sue Ann follows and scolds him for...what? What did she even accuse him of doing? Walking up to her in a tent? Anyway, she gives him the dead eyes of the truly righteous and tells the police that she won't press charges. The police give him a little shove and he teeters forward, only to immediately turn to his right and find Layla. My fourth-grade production of The Wiz had better choreography and scene transitions than this. ["You had a fourth-grade production of The Wiz? Where did you go to school, the set of Fame?" -- Sars] Layla confronts him, and when he tells her Roy isn't a healer she states the obvious: "He healed you!" Pianos of It Pains Me Not To Be Able to Tell The Truth, But You See, I Am a Man of Wisdom and Mystery play in the background as Dean tells her he can't say why, but Roy isn't the answer. She walks away and wishes him luck. Dean looks tortured as he says to himself, "You deserve it a lot more than me." As Dean walks away, he passes The Rev telling Layla's mom that he'll heal Layla during a "private session" later that night.

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