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Family Matters

Last Week's Motel Room. Immediate aftermath. Castiel supposes that Soulless Sammy's eternal bits are still stuck down in that cage with Lucifer, Michael, and their long-forgotten bastard of a half-brother. Dreary El Deano rants about...something so boring I nearly fell asleep while trying to listen to it. And Soulless Sammy respectfully tenders his sincere apologies for various late unpleasantries before asking if Dreary El Deano intends to free him at any point in the near future. Dreary El Deano of course says no, so Soulless Sammy quite awesomely Houdinis himself from the bonds lashing him to that rickety motel room chair and stands to announce, "You're not gonna hold me, Dean -- not here, not in the panic room, not anywhere. You're stuck with the soulless guy, so you might as well work with me. Let's fix this." Dreary El Deano rather impotently vows to watch every move Soulless Sammy makes from here on out, then rather rudely orders My Sweet Baboo to clean Soulless Sammy up. Instead of, say, smacking Dreary El Deano's obnoxious ass into next week for ordering him about like he's some sort of goddamned personal body servant, Castiel quietly steps over to The Soulless Ginormotron, places a couple of fingers against the looming monster's forehead, and presto! Soulless Sammy's all healed up. Next, Dreary El Deano determines they must hunt down whoever yanked Soulless Sammy out of the cage, Soulless Sammy reiterates that he has no memory whatsoever of his resurrection, My Sweet Baboo has little to add to the conversation and so stands there looking magnificent with his snappy new haircut, and the next thing we know, the boys plus Castiel are arriving at...

...The Campbell Compound, for whatever reason. This should suck. Actually, I take that back. No, not the sucking part, the bit about the boys plus Castiel arriving at The Campbell Compound, because while the boys are shown grumbling up in the Impala, Castiel is nowhere in sight. Which means this should suck even more. "Demian!" What? "Do be a darling little gentleman and hurry this along! I'd like to get to the good stuff!" There is no good stuff tonight, Raoul. "Really?!" Really -- they just talk at each other for three thousand hours, during which we eventually find out that Crowley's pulling all the strings this season, and then it ends. "Well! In that case, ta-ta for now, my loyal subjects! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" You little bastard -- you cannot just lapse into a coma like... "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Oh, fine! Abandon me -- again -- in my hour of need! See if I care! "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" Bitch.

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