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Family Matters

In any event, with that last, My Sweet Baboo flutters away from this miserable excuse for a Supernatural episode, and whatever small interest I had in this evening's proceedings flutters away with him. Thus so left alone, Dreary El Deano, Soulless Sammy, and Undead Zombie Grandpa get to chatting -- endlessly, of course -- about what comes next, and long, long story short, Undead Zombie Grandpa's located The Alpha Vampire, and intends to lead a hunt for the guy at dawn. Soulless Sammy pouts because Undead Zombie Grandpa didn't give him a heads-up about the whole thing, and Undead Zombie Grandpa looks guilty until Dreary El Deano realizes Undead Zombie Grandpa didn't call Soulless Sammy because Undead Zombie Grandpa still mistrusts Dreary El Deano. Or something like that. And really, I can't be bothered at this point to rewind to make sure I got it right. "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" God! Shut UP, Raoul! "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!" ANY-way, Dreary El Deano promises to be a good little hunter from now on and follow all of Undead Zombie Grandpa's orders as long as Undead Zombie Grandpa invites Dreary El Deano and Soulless Sam along for the ride out to The Alpha Vampire's lair. Undead Zombie Grandpa remains unconvinced, so Dreary El Deano adopts a look of utter sincerity and vows, "I'll follow your lead -- I trust you!"

Smash-cut to the boys exiting The Compound, with Dreary El Deano griping, "I don't trust him!" Wah. Wah. Waaaaaaah! Soulless Sammy hmmms something stupid about Dreary El Deano not trusting family, or something like that, and Dreary El Deano responds by insisting that he and Soulless Sammy keep an eye on Undead Zombie Grandpa, because Undead Zombie Grandpa's the only lead they have left with regards to this whole soulless situation. Next!

Pointless montage of various soon-to-be-dead extras prepping vials of Dead Man's Blood for the following morning's hunt until Dreary El Deano and Soulless Sam reenter The Compound, with Soulless Sammy taking a seat at Parker Lewis's axe-grinding table -- no, seriously, Parker Lewis has an axe-grinding table -- while Dreary El Deano sneaks off to invade Undead Zombie Grandpa's private study to search for additional clues, or whatever. Unfortunately, Parker Lewis catches Dreary El Deano snooping around, and the two trade vague threats and a couple of decidedly ugly insults until Parker Lewis threatens to tattle on Dreary El Deano to Undead Zombie Grandpa. Dreary El Deano backs down, and the next thing we know, everyone's...

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