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The Hardy Boys Meet Bristol Palin
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Yet again -- most especially now, given my lengthy medical-related absence from these recaps this season, and considering the absolutely stellar job she did covering for me while I was gone -- before we begin, it would be most remiss of me not to allow Raoul The Big Gay Supernatural Dragon to make the following announcement. "Thanks! [A-him!] Cindy McL. Is Pretty Darn Swell! Hee! See what I did there?!" You suck, Raoul. "Hey!"

Rattle, Rattle BLOOD-RED THEN! Way back in late September, my sweet baboo Castiel, The Angel Of Thursday, entered Dashing El Deano's life for the very first time in a shower of sparks and deep blue eyes and angrily feathery hair and generalized overwhelming awesomeness and why has he not responded to my marriage proposal yet to inform Our Intrepid Hero that my sweet baboo himself was indeed the supernatural entity who gripped Permanently Branded El Deano tight and raised him from Perdition. Then, I broke my right shoulder in at least three places by tripping up a flight of four -- count 'em: four -- steps, and through my subsequent Vicodin haze, I thought I saw Lilith busting Dean's balls in a typically crappy motel room whilst Dean clutched futilely at a Gideon's with which he attempted to ward her off, but I'm pretty sure that was just a disturbing drug-induced hallucination, mainly because I don't want to have to knock Raoul off the goddamned ceiling with a goddamned broom again. "Thanks!" Never a problem, friend of friends. And after that? The Angst. Yep, a chance encounter a couple of episodes ago with a demon whose name I've already long forgotten hurled Dreary El Deano into an Impala-side recitation of the many, many sins he committed during his lengthy sojourn down in Hell, and not to spoil you for later events or anything, but he pretty much repeats the same goddamned teary-eyed confession at the end of tonight's installment, so I'm going to skip right past these clips in the THEN! in favor of ordering you all to shut up for the...

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