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The Hardy Boys Try Not To Drop The Soap

Back in the cafeteria, the boys process this new information, and they quickly realize that the death of the guard earlier means that Nurse Glockner's unquiet spirit's going after everyone it deems worthy of death, regardless of rank or station, up to and including El Deano. What they still can't figure out are the ghost's connection to the old cell block and how to get rid of it. After a bit of fretting over their severely diminished timetable for seeing this case through to its end, Dean decides to chat with their lawyer.

And by "chat with," I mean "all but charm that saucy little pantsuit off of," for that's exactly what he does in the next scene, mainly by flexing his guns at her as they gab at each other on handsets from either side of a sheet of bulletproof glass in the visitors' area. Yum. About Dean's guns, I mean. I couldn't give a rat's ass about the handsets or the bulletproof glass or the visitors' area. Anyway, Mara's incredulous and outraged when she discovers Dean summoned her to the lockup simply to ask her to unearth everything she can on Nurse Glockner, but suave El Deano somehow manages to convince her that he and Darling Sammy aren't the bad guys Special Agent Henriksen would have her believe, and further convinces her to find out the circumstances of Nurse Glockner's death and the disposition of her remains. Again, mainly by flexing his guns at her, but he also deploys those big, beautiful doe eyes of his to wondrous effect as well. Sigh. He's so dreamy!

Out in the yard, Our Intrepid Heroes engage in a tense little debate over Mara's willingness to help and Sam's unwillingness to remain in jail another day that quickly escalates into a shoving match that just as quickly gets broken up by the guards, foremost amongst them our buddy Danforth who, with a colleague, cuffs and drags the boys into the prison's shower room. How...rapey of him. Once there, Danforth pulls his colleague aside to growl, "Take off. I want to handle this alone," if you know what he means, and I think you do, and I'm suddenly having horrible flashbacks to a movie called Crimes Of Passion in which Kathleen Turner did things with a nightstick that I'm certain are still illegal in at least forty-three states -- and did them to a cop, no less. "i remember that! he was quite the tasty treat, wasn't he?!" Quiet, you pervert! "hmmmph!" Now, where was I? Oh, yeah: The colleague meekly agrees, and after he's gone, Danforth steps forward to get all up in Our Dear Boys' collective grille, whereupon he them with an open and winning smile before clapping Dean affably on the cheek? It all becomes clear when Dean responds by sighing, "Deacon, you are beating the holy hell out of me, man." D'oh! I totally did not see that one coming at all. I mean, I knew the guard had to be toast in the teaser because they'd never hire Jeff Kober for an episode, only to kill him off in the first three minutes, and I knew the unquiet spirit of Mike Moody wasn't responsible for the recent spate of suspicious deaths the minute Sam stepped into a cell that had a window in it, but this little twist? No frigging clue. Bravo, Supernatural. Bravo.

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