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The Hardy Boys Try Not To Drop The Soap

In any event, Deacon jokes that he thought he was going easy on El Deano as he uncuffs the two, then reminds Dean to make the impending escape look as real as possible. One problem, of course: The unquiet spirit of Nurse Glockner's actually responsible for the recent goings-on at the county correctional facility, and the boys have yet to receive all the "intel" they need to dust her Satanic ass. This of course leads to yet another heated debate between the brothers about leaving with the job undone or remaining to see it through despite the risk they run of extradition to Milwaukee in the company of Special Agent Henriksen, but quite fortunately for all of us, Deacon cuts through the crap to present Dean with an envelope he's just received from their public defender. "Will you look at that?" Dean chuckles, accepting the envelope from Deacon. "Man, I am friggin' velvety smooth!" Sam's bitchface remains tremendous. Hee. Dean slits open the message and finds a sheaf of documentation related to Nurse Glockner's untimely demise. Seems the remaining inmates in the old cell block rioted shortly after Mark Moody's guard-induced death, and one of them dragged the homicidal nurse into one of the solitary cells, where he beat her brains out against the wall. Even better? Mara's uncovered Nurse Glockner's final resting place. "All-righty, then," Deacon perks. "Let's get you the hell out of here." First, though, we have to endure a bit of annoying dialogue in which Deacon compliments Daddy Shut Up on his obviously fine parenting skills -- like, you can tell this guy never watched the end of Season One -- and then, after Deacon removes a panel in the wall that will allow both of Our Intrepid Heroes no matter how freakishly ginormous their size to shimmy through the air ducts to freedom, El Deano, keepin' it real as far as the escape goes, slugs Deacon straight into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

The shower room was apparently below street level, for when we next see Our Intrepid Heroes, they're climbing up an exterior ladder from the basement to find Metallicar waiting for them on the asphalt. However, no sooner have they opened the car's doors when alarms start going off throughout the prison complex, so rather than stripping out of their orange jumpsuits right there for the benefit of so many in the audience, Our Dear Boys must immediately hop into the Impala and peel off for the cemetery.

And in a series of events that exist simply to offer the boys a plausible amount of time in which to desecrate Nurse Glockner's grave, Henriksen and his partner first waste copious amounts of time interrogating Deacon on the escape, then waste even more time attempting to browbeat Mara into breaking the attorney-client privilege.

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