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The Hardy Boys Try Not To Drop The Soap

Meanwhile, we arrive at the appropriate cemetery just in time to catch Sam and Dean pulling on the last of their regular clothes, because The Kripkeeper is an evil bastard who hates us all. The boys then retrieve the appropriate implements of grave destruction from the Impala's trunk and, again with copious amounts of flashlight-fu, trundle through the graveyard in search of Nurse Glockner's marker, all the while extremely aware of how little time they have before Henriksen and his band of merry g-men descend to extradite their tantalizing asses to The Land Of Cheese. Or something like that.

Back at Little Rock police headquarters, Henriksen gets really, really LOUD, so Mara shreds the entire concept of due process and whatnot and admits that Dean asked her to investigate the death and burial place of a prison nurse who died in 1976. Henriksen confirms both that Mara acquired the information requested and that Mara passed said information along to the boys. Henriksen then gets all up in her face and snarls, "Tell me."

Mara apparently caves completely, for the next thing we know, Henriksen's plowing through the gates of Mountainside Cemetery with an entire SWAT team in tow. That's a measured response.

Over atop Nurse Wretched's grave, Dean pulls flashlight duty this week while Darling Sammy works on those already remarkably broad shoulders of his down in the dirt. By the way: "Dolores," "1934-1976." You can thank me later.

Elsewhere, the SWAT team hits the ground running.

Grave. Darling Sammy finally hits bottom. "Got her," he pants up at Dean.

The Pokey. Deacon splashes some water on his face in the gents'. Behind him, the second hand on the clock grinds to a halt. DUN! As the lights above begin to buzz and flicker on and off, Deacon starts, then widens his eyes when he realizes he can see his breath. He spins to bolt for the door and...nearly slams straight into Nurse Wretched! As Nurse Wretched unhinges her lower jaw to unleash a hissing growl directly into his face, Deacon staggers backwards right into the METAL TEETH CHOMP!

Nurse Wretched snaps her head, unleashing a burst of telekinetic energy that sends Deacon flying backwards through the air until he crashes to the floor. Meanwhile, Henriksen and the SWAT team scurry in between the headstones while Sam salts Nurse Wretched's earthly remains. As Nurse Wretched herself leaps atop Deacon to press her right hand against his chest, Dean douses her corpse with gasoline. "You let thossse two go!" Nurse Wretched hisses as Deacon's body involuntarily arches up into the air, jerking as his heartbeat slows to a crawl. Sam, under the light of a full moon, fires up a match. Deacon shudders and gasps. Nurse Wretched's remains go up in flames. Bulging, bitter-black veins race across Deacon's face until Nurse Wretched reels back and...oh, Christ. It's another goddamned Charmed vanquish. Oy. So, Nurse Wretched howls and wails and blazes her merry way on down to The Waste Land, or wherever the hell it is the vanquished demons are sent now that The Colethazor's destroyed that skinny little power-sucking Jenny Craig worm, and as soon as she's vanished, Deacon hacks his way back to health on the floor of the gents' in The Green River County Detention Center. As the opening guitar lines of Alice In Chains's "Rooster" hit the soundtrack, Sam and Dean gaze down into the flames consuming Nurse Wretched's remains while elsewhere, Henriksen and the SWATs hit the end of Mountainside Cemetery, having found absolutely nothing. "You sure this is the right damn cemetery?" Henriksen barks at his partner. "She said, 'Mountainside,'" Reidy confirms. "'Mountainside Cemetery.'" Henriksen gapes.

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