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The Hardy Boys Try Not To Drop The Soap

Over at Green Valley Cemetery, Our Intrepid Heroes scamper over the graves towards Metallicar.

Meanwhile, Mara exits the criminal courts building and heads over to her car. At the last moment, right before she disappears into the driver's seat, she lets a delighted little grin spread across her face. Because Mara is awesome.

And just as the ironically deceased Layne Staley growls, "Ain't found a way to kill me yet," Henriksen realizes he's been had.

Back at Green Valley, Sam and Dean sling their implements of grave destruction into the Impala's trunk and head towards the front of the car. "Thought we were screwed before?" Sam asks rhetorically as he approaches the passenger door. "Yeah, I know," Dean agrees. "We gotta go deep this time." "'Deep'?" Sam repeats with a hint of incredulousness and the beginnings of an absolutely stupendous bitchface. "We should go to Yemen." "Not sure I'm ready to go that deep," Dean grins, ever the happy-go-lucky sonofabitch. God love him. "and sammy, too!" the grievously hoarse Raoul reminds me, breaking his silence for a very good reason. "rare is it that such an otherwise lovely young man can unleash such an effective bitchface upon the unsuspecting world!" You speak the truth, my scaly friend. You speak the truth. And as the ironically deceased Layne Staley hurls himself into the bit about snuffing the rooster, the boys climb into the Impala, and Dean guns the engine to peel off into the final fade to black.

Next week, a frigging genie grants Dean's greatest wish, so we know that the world will initially seem to be a much better place for him until something happens that reveals the true, ugly foulness beneath the shiny, happy surface of things, but whatever. It's still going to kick ass. "Absolutely!" Raoul! Voice! "...sorry!!" Aw. You know I have only your best interests at heart, my dear. In any event, see you all then!

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