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The Hardy Boys Get Snuggly, Hugly, Mean and Ugly

And as Raoul toddles off whip himself up a batch of something soothing, Deputy Framingham continues, "But then I see this one guy kneeling there, real focused-like, and not a damn scratch on him." "You know him?" Dean asks. "Donnie Finnerman," Framingham replies without hesitation, "a mechanic there." "Lemme guess," Dean smirks, feeling smart, "he just vanished into thin air?" "Um, no, Kolchak," Framingham snips. "He's down in St. Pete's." "St. Pete's," Castiel solemnly nods in Dean's direction. Hilariously, Dean practically crosses his eyes in disbelief at Castiel's complete and utter lack of savoir faire before offering his adorably clueless partner a brisk, "Thank you." Hee.

St. Pete's. Dean and Castiel peer through a window on the psych ward, staring at the catatonic shell of what had once been Donnie Finnerman, who currently seems capable of little more than drooling while rocking himself back and forth, gazing emptily at the scenery outdoors. "I take it that's not Raphael anymore," Dean guesses. "Just an empty Vessel," Castiel evenly confirms. "So, is this what I'm looking at if Michael jumps my bones?" Dean wonders. "No, not at all," Castiel assures him. "Michael is much more powerful -- it'll be far worse for you." Dean's as thrilled as you would expect him to be at this news, but we haven't time to deal with his reaction at the moment, because...

...College Boy's identified some terribly relevant passage in The Book Of Revelation all the way over in the middle of Awful, Oklahoma, and he must now phone wheelchair-bound Bobby with the news. After noting his current location, Sam adds that some pit "up the road is showing some Revelation omens," to wit: "And upon his rising, there shall be hail and fire mixed with blood." "Ooo-kay," Bobby leads. "Is there a reason you're calling?" Sam, thrown and somewhat shamed by Bobby's tone, stammers, "I-I just thought you might wanna find out who's in the area, and put a man on this." "Let me see if I can think of the best hunter who might be in the immediate vicinity," Bobby hmms, busting Darling Sammy's balls. "Oh! That'd be you!" Sam bitchfaces, apologizes, and hangs up before Bobby can apologize himself, and in a sign of how desperately dull this episode has been thus far, we're left to collapse into the first commercial break of the hour most woefully CHOMP!-less.

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