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The Hardy Boys Get Snuggly, Hugly, Mean and Ugly

St. Pete's. Dean exchanges pleasant smiles with a passing nurse before ducking into Dead-Eyed Donnie's room, where he locks the door and draws the blinds while Castiel pours a circle of Jerusalem oil around Dead-Eyed Donnie's wheelchair. The plan is to use Dead-Eyed Donnie as "an open phone line" to summon Raphael, after which Castiel will ignite the oil. Once the archangel descends to occupy his Vessel, he'll be trapped within the circle somehow, and Our Intrepid Hero and His Equally Intrepid Angelic Boyfriend will then, uh, talk Raphael to death? I'm not clear on that part. Frankly, neither are they, but what the hell, huh? Jerusalem circle complete, Castiel bends down to Latinate into Dead-Eyed Donnie's ear, finishing his little incantation with, "I'm here, Raphael. Come and get me, you little bastard." Castiel's so cute when he tries to get all threatening. And then, Castiel ignites the circle. And they wait. And they wait. And they wait and wait and wait and wait and...

...eventually wheel the Impala back to their ramshackle hovel of a hiding place. D'OH! "Well, that's a day I'll never get back!" Dean mopes as they pull into the hovel's dooryard, and poor you, Dean. Waste a Saturday recapping this crappy episode, and then we can talk. Dicksmack. Dean's about to flounce all the way into the hovel's kitchen when Castiel suddenly snatches at his hand to keep him in the entrance hall, and when the camera flips around to take in Castiel's point of view, we can see that was a very smart move on Angel Man's part, indeed, for Dead-Eyed Donnie's somehow magically transported himself all the way over from the hospital, and my, but this next is an awesome effects sequence. Up until now, angel possessions have occurred just out of our view, with the attendant bright white light illuminating either walls or other people's faces, or simply burning the images from the screen, but this evening we're witness to the full process, and like I said: Awesome. Intense, blue-white bolts of electricity -- seemingly charging into the room from all directions -- coalesce into four main streams that shoot into Donnie's upper back, and they then arch up into the air, their bottommost tendrils dancing across the floor, drawing ever closer to Donnie's body until they clearly form a pair of enormous wings anchored to the base of his neck. Every light fixture and electrical outlet in the house explodes in tandem with the wings' solidification until suddenly, everything goes dark, from which emerges Donnie's angel-enhanced voice to intone, "Castiel?" "Raphael!" My Sweet Baboo attempts to snarl, but he's no match for the archangel as far as deep-registered threatening intonations go, so we'll jump ahead a little bit to listen to Dean's attempt at insulting the new arrival instead: "I thought you were supposed to be impressive, and all you do is black out the room?" "And the Eastern Seaboard," Raphael amends. Kick ass. Well, except for the part where I'm now sitting in the dark, recapping on battery power. "It is a testament to my... unending mercy," Raphael continues, choosing his words carefully as an electrical storm rages outside, "that I do not smite you here and now." My Sweet Baboo attempts a brave face, but just ends up gulping nervously. Heh. "Or maybe you're full of crap!" Dean sneers, leaping to defend his boyfriend's honor. "Maybe you're afraid God'll bring Cas back to life again," he taunts, "and smite you, you candy-ass skirt!" Dean's words have only served to make Castiel incredibly tense. Hee. "By the way, I'm Dean!" Our Dear Boy grins, insolently wiggling his fingers around in a little wave. "I know who you are," Raphael states -- more than a bit of menace in his tone, and not even deigning to look Dean in the eye -- "and now, thanks to him, I know where you are!" "You won't kill him," Castiel immediately growls. "You wouldn't dare!" Perhaps not, but Raphael will drag Dashing El Deano up to Michael, and as we now know, that would be a fate worse than death, correct? "Correct! [Hic!]"

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