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Move Over, Buffy...

Back at the motel, Sam notes that the vamp is still out there, but Dean of course points out that that's not the priority at the moment, and adds that Gordon isn't leaving them a whole lot of options. Sam somewhat diffidently agrees that they're going to have to kill him, and Dean wonders where Sam's protests are. Refreshingly, he doesn't make a big deal of it, and neither does Sam, because people's ethical matrices do change, and if Sam is willing to apply a "kill or be killed" philosophy to another human, particularly a religious nut like Gordon who's clearly beyond reasoning with, I don't think that's necessarily evidence that he Came Back Wrong. He doesn't have to be Jesus Christ to not be the Antichrist, you know? Anyway, Bela calls Dean and says that as a please-don't-kill-me offering, she used a "talking board" to contact the other side and found Gordon's exact location for him -- a two-story riverfront warehouse with a neon sign outside. I don't know, Dean -- for not killing her, I'd at least want an exact address. Bela does rather soberly add that the spirit had a message for him -- "Leave town, run like hell, and whatever you do, don't go after Gordon." This spirit obviously never sold a television script during his time on Earth.

Gordon is now in the same shackled position as the girls, which seems silly, as he has more leverage this way. I wondered why it was that he managed the turn so much more quickly than the other two, other than that it's quite convenient to the plot, but Demian suggested that his awareness of what was happening to him might be a reasonable enough explanation, and that makes sense enough to me. Of course, the fact that he made me drink his blood before telling me that might have had something to do with it. (Kidding! We don't do that at TWoP! Why, what have you heard?) Anyway, after we ascertain that Gordon's senses have escalated in the expected manner, he manages to yank the chains out of the ceiling. He's about to proceed on his way when one of the blondes asks him to help them. Unfortunately, she doesn't specify what form she'd like the help to take, and I hope you don't mind me spoiling you by saying that's going to be her last mistake.

Cut to Gordon coming down from the second floor and heading down the alley; his eyes are bloodshot and he looks like, if you'll forgive the expression, death warmed over. His sensitivity to light is extreme, as we see from the street lamps and the trails a passing car's head- and taillights make in his eyes, and then he spies a guy changing a tire on a car farther down the alley. He looks in a mirror, and as he hears the guy's heart beating loudly even from this distance, he opens his mouth, and we see his fangs descending. I was actually expecting his image to disappear, which would have been hella cool, but them's not the rules in the Supernatural-verse, apparently. Ah, well, what do I know about vampires, anyway? Well, what I do know is that the guy finishes his work and gets back in his car, only to have Gordon pop up from the back seat and messily and loudly attack him. We see the car shake and blood appear on the interior of the driver's window before it gets swallowed up by a bomping noise that most definitely is no metal teeth chomp. Given my green status, I'm probably not supposed to complain, but fuck that! That sucked!

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